Have you seen colorful cutting discs,like green, red, purple and yellow color cutting discs? Yes, you can find many wheels of different colors in the Sri Lankan market. Is this a cultural difference or is it caused by the difference in the performance of the cutting disc? And how did they carry out the testing of the  cutting disc? Although Sri Lanka is an island country, due to the large-scale infrastructure construction, their abrasive wheel market is very large. Today, let us learn more about cutting disc testing in Sri Lanka.


—The different colors of cutting discs.

We all know about the common color of abrasive material, white is white corundum, green is silicon carbide,blue is zirconium and red is ceramic. These color is correct definitely, because these are the colors of abrasive itself. But there are green,red even yellow cutting discs in Sri Lanka market. What are these cutting discs?

  1. The color of abrasive itself.

Usually different types of abrasives have different performances and colors. Alumina cutting disc is the most popular in the Sri Lankan market, it is mainly used for cutting metal products.

  1. Binder color.

Elastic cutting disc is a kind of abrasive with low proportion, such as green silicon carbide abrasive.But the cutting disc it self will not show green, instead, it will show the color of binder color.

  1. Dye color

The cutting discs is specially dyed by the factory for distinguishing models or other purposes. When mixing, add dye to make the cutting disc present the color people want.



Generally, the black cutting disc has a longer cutting life than the colored cutting discs, because in the high-temperature sintering process, in order to ensure the bright color of cutting disc, the temperature usually does not reach the sintering temperature of the black grinding wheel.

On the contrary, the cutting speed of the colored grinding wheel is faster than that of the black grinding wheel.



Testing material of Sri Lanka market is mild steel (“low carbon steel”),like steel bar, steel plate and angle steel.


Testing method:

Cutting wheel testing is usually conducted by a third-party professional testing organization, such as the NERD organization in Sri Lanka. Or completed independently with the individual.


Usually the cutting speed and cutting life are the criteria for judging the quality of the grinding wheel. The professional testing organization pay more attention on other scopes as well, like Correlation between diametric wear per disc width and weight loss per disc width (thickness) and Relationship between wheel wear factor and cutting power.


We can analyze the differences between different test materials, institutional tests and individual tests through several specific test cases.


Case 1:

Testing material: mild steel work piece of ( EN10025 S275 ) rectangular section of 12mmx65mm and round section of 50mm diameter.


Conducted by National Engineering Research and Development(NERD) Centre of Sri Lanka


Cutting disc sizes:4inch and 4.5 inch cutting discs

Testing results:



From the test results, we can see that the 4 inch cutting discs, the BINIC brand has the fastest cutting speed and the PE brand has the longest life. BINIC brand samples have good performances in cutting life and cutting speed. All the factories have been pursuing the balance of cutting life and cutting speed. Hope BINIC will continue to strengthen the 4inch cutting life in the future.



Case 2:

Testing material: Angle Iron pieces T6mm*L10mm* W5mm

Conducted by individual person


Cutting disc sizes:4inch and 4.5 inch cutting discs

Testing results:

105 x 1.2 PE+ wearing CN1 wearing
weight  g 0.28 1.10% 1 4.20%
gauge  mm 0.1 8.33% 0.1 9.10%
Diameter mm 1.8 1.71% 1.8 1.70%
Remarks Even Wearing & less edge cracks Uneven wearing & edges have certain cracks
Result comparison 115mm CN1 CN2- Binic
weight  g 0.24 0.85% 0.34 1.23%
gauge  mm 0.06 5.00% 0.04 3.64%
Diameter mm 0.8 0.70% 0.4 0.35%
Remarks Even Wearing & less edge cracks Even Wearing & lesser edge cracks





This comparative test only has PE brands and samples from two Chinese suppliers. Although it lack the diversity of data, we still can see from this test about the conclusions. For cutting Angle Iron pieces we can see BINIC 4inch and 4.5inch cutting discs has a better performance than others.


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