Safety factor test

Abrasive products shall be designed and manufactured in such a way they resist the forces and load that are to be expected when used as intended .

In EN12413 standard ,there are two factors (safety factors and bursting speed factor) that can affect the safety when we operate machines with cutting discs or grinding discs.

The test standard contains ten types of abrasive products applied on four types of machine ,each type of abrasive product can be looked up on the table blow.

Here is the standard table of the cutting disc safety factor

The table looks very complex right?Don’t worry, let me explain the two factors and the procedure of the safety speed test

The definition of safety factor is the bursting speed divided by maximum operating speed, all squared


And the definition of bursting speed factor is the bursting speed divided by maximum operating speed:



The procedure of testing is very simple.

First, you just need to put the test cutting disc or grinding disc on the speed tester and fix on it


Then close the tester door, gradually add on the operating speed from 0 to the bursting speed (the speed makes the cutting disc burst), after that, record the data of test and calculate the two factors according the formula from the EN12413.


If the outcome of the cut off wheel or grinding wheel doesn’t meet the two important factors from the table, that means the test disc doesn’t meet the EN12413 standard, vice versa.


Every BINIC made cutting disc conform the EN12413 standard, we can assure you that you can use all BINIC abrasive discs safely and easily.


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