The developing history of coated abrasives

“Coated Abrasives” is the general name of sandpaper, emery cloth and abrasive belt. Coated abrasive is “with the adhesive adhesive abrasive particles on the flexible base material made of abrasive tools”. It can is unique among abrasives in a wide range of varieties, and the grinding wheel abrasive, stone and other consolidation and driving his drive, and is due to its flexible substrate, make it has the features of flexible grinding, and different from rigid grinding wheel grinding tool such as consolidation, at the same time achieved by application technology is mainly used for manual polishing to make the transition to predominantly mechanical grinding, As a result, it has become a rapidly developing and widely used category in the abrasive and abrasive tool industry.

1.abrasive material  2.base material

3.& 4. binder

Base material, abrasive material and binder are the three main components of coated abrasives, known as the three elements of coated abrasives. The base material of coated abrasives is mainly cloth, paper, steel paper, cloth paper composite base and so on. Coated abrasive commonly used abrasive corundum, silicon carbide, etc.; Abrasives in addition to different materials, there are different grit. The adhesive of coated abrasives includes paste, adhesive, compound adhesive and so on. Its materials mainly include starch, animal glue, synthetic resin and so on.

Coated abrasives are the earliest abrasives in the world. As early as the 13th century, the Chinese used natural resin to stick the ground shells on the sheepskin to grind things. In 1808, Europeans mixed the pumice stone with lacquer, and painted it on paper with a brush to make the earliest coated abrasives. In 1844, France had a machine to make emery cloth, and began to produce the mechanical method of coated abrasives. Until 1950’s, because of the success of electrostatic sand planting research, a large number of artificial abrasive and artificial resin, to achieve the coated abrasive machinery and automatic mass production; At the same time in the use of coated abrasions also began to apply a large number of mechanical grinding and polishing to replace the manual work, so that the development of coated abrasions produced a leap. So far, the world’s production of coated abrasives varieties and specifications have reached more than 40,000 kinds, the use of raw materials as much as 750 kinds, the United States and Germany coated abrasives production value has accounted for more than 40% of the total production value of ordinary abrasives.

Nowadays,the coated abrasive has developed a lot,the main difference are as follows:

  1. Blended cloth, polyester cloth rapid development, and cotton at the same pace, and gradually more than the trend of cotton.
  2. P abrasives, silicon carbide, calcined abrasives, semi-brittle corundum, zirconium corundum and other new abrasives have replaced the dominance of brown corundum abrasives.

3.Synthetic resin replaced animal glue and starch as the main raw material of original cloth treatment.


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