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binic abrasive tools factory
binic abrasive tools factory
binic abrasive tools factory


Founded in 2001, BINIC ABRASIVE company is a professional manufacturer of abrasive products and tool accessories, covering cutting discs, grinding wheels, flap discs, sanding discs, wire brushes, and so on for cutting, grinding and polishing industry.

We are part of SHANGHAI BINIC INDUSTRY CO.LTD, which is a group company with sub-companies namely BINIC ABRASIVE, BSP TOOLS, BINIC CARE, BINIC MAGNET, and WISTA LIGHTING. The total assets of BINIC Group reach 500 million RMB, including 3 factories and 2 office buildings.

Back to 2001, we are a small distributor of power tools accessory products. Then in 2003, we started to supply a German company the thin cut off wheel 115 x 1mm. BINIC is one of the first companies in China to supply thin wheels in the international market. As we got a lot of fame on that then in 2005 we started our own production on abrasive cutting disc.

Our cutting disc factory is located in Taizhou, Jiangsu province, with production capacity of 4 million pcs per month and 39 assembly lines; We also have a testing center for raw material and finished products quality control,  besides, we obtained ISO, MPA and TUV certificates for our factory and products to meet the international quality standard requirements of abrasives

In 2006 we start our own production of flap discs, and also start to sell some coated abrasives.

After more than 20 years of development, BINIC was built as one of the top suppliers of abrasive discs in China.  Our products are shipped to more than 150 clients in 59 different countries. In 2019, our sales turnover achieved 2,000,000 USD. We are dedicated to supplying our clients around the world with better products, services, and solutions

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