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Binic Abrasive flap wheel suppliers produce different kinds of flap wheels,mainly used in paint removal,grinding,polishing on a wide range of material.

Flap Disc

BINIC Abrasive Bulk Flap Discs maintains lightweight super-sharp points design that cut exceptionally fast with less pressure and low noise level. Adopting superior quality grains and backing material for our best flap discs, mainly used in paint removal,grinding, polishing on a wide range of material, like metal, wood, stone, etc.

How to Place Order on BINIC Abrasive Flap wheel

–By Binic Abrasive Flap Discs Suppliers

Founded in 2002, BINIC Abrasive, has been committed to offering best cut off disc, grinding discs, flap disc also fiber disc. We are one of the best china abrasives supplier. Also we started to be a flap disc manufacturer in 2008.

OEM/ODM Service Offered.

We can supply our customer with their own private label, also we can help them to design their own logo on the private label. There are lot of industrial regulations you have to follow on the label designing.

BSP is the the brand name of BINIC Abrasive.

Binic is an abrasive flap discs suppliers.BSP is the brand of Binic Abrasive,it means “BINIC Sintering Products”. It also covers our products for Cutting and Grinding wheel, diamond wheel, diamond cup wheels, diamond core bits, wire wheel and brushes. We are also looking for flap disc distributor and dealers. We are going to set up a warehouse in Dubai to cover a market in middle east. Also the USA warehouse in Texas is in our plan on 2020.

Before you ordering the flap discs, you must understand what is the difference between flap wheel and grind wheels.

In general, the flap disc is coated abrasive branch, and grinding wheel is still resin bonded abrasive. The detailed differences are as following:

  • Grinding wheel: It only provides grinding function to metal and stone, sometime can cut a little bit without changing the wheels.
  • Flap disk: it provides not only grinding, but also polishing/finishing and blending. It is faster for stock removing, and most important is much less heat in working to avoid burning.

There is only black label which will be “burning” together with backing for flap disc.

Minimum quantity:

There is no minimum quantity request if it is BSP logo (BINIC ABRSAIVE brand name). we request for each size and grit 3000pcs for other private label.

Attention: There is also an alternative if customer can not reach the minimum quantity. They can pay for the printing cost as well as label stock (normally for stock like 3000pcs labels and together with printing cost is not over 200USD). BINIC will help to stock those labels and consume them in the next orders.

There is 2 shape of flap wheel Flap Discs

one is T27 which is depressed center and flat surface, the other one is T2 which is also depressed center but conical surface. The difference in application is as following:

  • T27 Flap disc : Is is very good for flat surface. Most people use T27 type of flap disc to polishing/finishing and blending. Also 60% people choose T27 for their flap wheels.
  • T29 flap disk: It can provides very aggressive performance in stock removing. As it has a conical flap, people can also use it in groove and edge working.

In general the flap disc has 2 parts.One is backing and the other one is flaps.

In production, we purchase the flaps from some other coated abrasive in rolls, and slice it in the pieces. Then we glue the flaps on the backing. So you can see the backing is to support and hold the backings.

There are 2 major backings sell in the market so far.

  • Fibreglass backing plate: It is very light, no smearing inside and can absorb vibration in using. Normally we have 8 layers fibre glass inside to provide a very good strength. Some customer may ask 9 or 10 layers for better strength. It can be consumed during work.
  • Plastic backing: It is new trend and become more and more popular. One reason is it is trimmable, that means people can use more flaps during works. Another reason is the cost of fibre backing increase a lot in recent years as it is a high polluted industry.

So flaps is the most important parts of flaps disc, it directly affects speed and life.

Also we must choose the right quality flaps when we working on different material.

The detailed information are as the following:

Number of flaps: The flaps numbers in flap disc can be varied.

  • The standard flaps for 115mm and 125mm are 72pcs, and 180mm are 108pcs. It can provide very high speed and fast stock removing.
  • The increased flaps for 115mm and 125mm are 80pcs, and 180mm are 120pcs. It is very good for uneven surface and also good for fine grit polishing.

Flap quality: It is most important part of flap discs, details are as following:

  • Aluminium oxide: This is a very basic material when we start to polishing metal. It is cheap and also good speed. Very good for mild steel, plastic, wood. It is a general working type.
  • Zirconia Alumina: It is a higher grade abrasive, very good for carbon steel, mild steel even the stainless steel. It can achieve much better life and speed. (it also called Zirconia Corundum Zirconium Corundum)
  • Silicon carbide:This is a very hard material, very good for Non metal material such as stone, concrete and plastic.
  • Ceramic Alumina: This is top quality material so far. Best speed and life. Also very expensive. It is good for hard alloy and stainless steel.

Grit size: It means the size of the abrasive you must choose for your application. The coarse abrasive normally work for rough grinding also remove the big stock, the fine abrasive normally work for finishing and blending. Please check the following chart for the

  • 24-36:heavy stock removal, edge chamfering, weld blending
  • 36-40:edge chamfering, weld blending,
  • 40-50:weld blending, deburring
  • 50-60:deburring, rust removal
  • 60-80:rust removal, finish and polish
  • 80-120:finish and polish

As an abrasive flap discs suppliers, we have 2 quality of our Aluminium Oxide flap wheels

  • Standard line: It is good for small job like mild steel, wood or plastic. has cheap fibre backing 7-9 layers. We make test with T29 115mm with girt size 40 to grind a carbon steel plate. also In 20 minutes it grinds off 198g material and self lost 13.5g. The grinding ratio is : 1:14. Very good speed but life is normal.
  • Professional Line: We make the same test, in 20 minutes the flap wheel grind off 206g and self lost 9g. The grinding ratio is 1:22. Better Speed and much better in life.

We have 3 quality to our Zirconia Alumina

  • ECO line: As we are using very normal domestic Zirconia Alumina paper, the eco line can use for mild steel and other Non Metal material. A little bit on the stainless steel.
  • Standard Line: We are using premium domestic quality Zirconia paper. It is very good for different metal including stainless steel, carbon steel and some other alloy. So we use T29 115 with 40 grit size to grinding stainless steel. In 20 minutes it ground off 80g material and consume itself around 4g. The ratio is around 1:20.
  • Premium line: We are using paper from VSM or 3M. Quite expensive but it can grind any type of steel. The same testing on the stainless steel, in 20 mins it ground off 120g material and consume itself around 5g. The ratio is around 1:24.

We are supplying now the ceramic flap disc, it is quite expensive as we also import this paper from VSM, obviously, it is the best flap disc we can have.

Now we have 2 types of trimmable plastic backing

basically the quality is almost the same, only different design style. It can match with different quality flaps to serve customer needs.

The most popular size for flap grinding wheels are

  • 100mm flap disc (4 flap disc), 115mm flap disc (4 1/2 flap wheel or 4.5 flap disc),
  • 125mm flap wheel (5 flap disc)
  • 150mm flap disc (5 flap disc), 180mm flap disc (6 flap disc)
  • 36 grit flap disc, 40 grit flap disc, 46 grit flap disc, 60 grit flap disc, 80 grit flap disc, 120 grit flap discs
  • 100 grit flap disc, 180 grit flap disc, 200 grit flap disc
  • 4 inch flat disc, 4 1/2 inch flap disc, 5 inch flap disc, 6 inch flap disc and 8 inch flap discs

Testing reports are available upon request.

Binic have comparison testing report with Norton flap disc, flexovit flap disc, walter flap disc, dewalt flap disc also CGW flap disc, Tyrolit, Metabo, Makita, Pferd and Rhodius. Our flap disc still can not reach their premium quality, which we are competitive for their standard or economic line.

Some applications for our angle grinder flap disc:

  • metal: it is general purpose flap wheel and also are Aluminium oxide flap wheel.
  • aluminium: Fine grit Zirconia flap discs
  • stainless steel: High grade Zirconia flao discs
  • stone: Silicon carbide flap discs
  • wood: many people ask how to use flap disc on wood. Also it is questions what you want on the wood, if it is rough polish, use coarse grit Aluminium oxide flaps, and if polishing,just use fine girt.

The standard flap wheel package

10pcs in a shrink plastic foil and in a white box. 200pcs in a master cartons.

There are several conditions for delivery time:

  • Free Sample can be sent out within 3-7 Days. We will send by by DHL or UPS. If the samples requested are over 5Kg. We would charge our customer the freight.
  • We can be very quick if there are only 3-6 different sizes in one order, generally for 15-20 days. But if in one order appear over 10 sizes, we must consider the delivery time over 25 days
  • Some special flap disc such as customer requested VSM flaps, or plastic backing, it takes minimum 30 days to finish the production.

As an abrasive flap discs suppliers in China, also hope customer can read the following info before ordering:

  • what is the popular size in your market
  • what is the application of your customer and in which quality you want to supply. That means while you must give us the idea if you need zirconia alumina or aluminium oxide.
  • Make sure which grit size you need.
  • If want to do private label, confirm what kind label you want, and also design the label layout.
  • Check the minimum quantity to see if it is OK for you.
  • Make sure the bore hole is the right size to fit the angle grinder or circular saw in your market also.
  • Confirm what package you need.
  • Please noted the flap disc is still used for angle grinder, not the die grinder, bench grinder or sanding machine.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send our E-mail: It is our great pleasure to serve you.

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