Cut Off Wheel & Grinding Disc Manufacturer in China

Binic is Cut off wheel and grinding disc manufacturer in China, produces different kinds of abrasive cutting disc – cut off wheels and grinding discs for the customer. We have various sizes from diameter 50mm(2 inch) until Diameter 400mm(16 inch).

Cut Off Wheel & Grinding Disc

BINIC Cut Off Wheel is quickly and efficiently cut through all hard materials, like metal, stainless steel, Aluminum, stone, etc. Mainly used for angle grinder in machinery, construction, steel industry, and so on. Cut Off Wheel is thin to reduce material loss and allow for more precise and quick slices.

Binic cut off wheel manufacturer in China provide disc for stainless steel, metal, aluminum, stone, etc. It is widely used in DIY and professional market.

How to Place Order on BINIC Abrasive Cut Off Wheel and Grinding Disc

–by Binic Cut Off Wheel and Grinding Disc Manufacturer in China

Founded in 2002, BINIC Abrasive, has been committed to offering best cut off disc, grinding discs, flap disc, fiber disc. We are one of the best cut off wheel and grinding disc manufactures in China. Also the first company in China to produce extra thin 1mm cut off wheel for German customer back 2004.

OEM/ODM Service Offered.

We can supply our customer with their own private label, even we can help them to design their own logo on the private label. There are lot of industrial regulations you have to follow on the label designing.

BSP is the brand name of BINIC Abrasive.

Binic is an cut off wheel manufacturer in China. BSP is the brand of Binic Abrasive, it means “BINIC Sintering Products”. It also covers our products for Cutting and Grinding wheel, flap disc, diamond wheel, diamond cup wheels, diamond core bits, wire wheel and brushes. We are also looking for distributor in the world for our BSP lines. We are going to set up a warehouse in Dubai to cover a market in middle east. Also the USA warehouse in Texas is in our plan on 2020.

So there are 2 ways to make the label.

  • Burning label: It is kind of black paper and press together with material for both cut off wheel and grinding disc. Then burning in the big oven. Looks professional but need some minimum quantity.
  • Sticker label: it is a normal stickers, need a lot of manpower. Could be good for small quantity

Minimum quantity:

There is no minimum quantity request if it is BSP logo (BINIC ABRASIVE brand name). If it is private label, please check the following rules:

  • Cut off wheel 75mm, 105mm, 115mm, 125mm need 10000pcs as Minimum quantity.
  • Cutting wheel 180mm and 230mm need 5000pcs as Minimum quantity.
  • Cutting disc 300mm/14inch and 400mm/18 inch need 2000pcs as Minimum quantity.
  • Any size of grinding disc need 2000pcs as Minimum quantity.

Attention: There is also an alternative if customer can not reach the minimum quantity. They can pay for the printing cost as well as label stock (normally for stock like 10000pcs labels and printing cost is not over 400USD). BINIC will help to stock those labels and consume them in the next orders.

We have almost full MPA license for our cutting and grinding discs. They are as following:

  • 75 x 1.0 x 9.53mm 105 x 1.0 x 16mm  115x 1.0 x 22.23mm  125 x 1.0 x 22.23mm
  • 115 x 3.0 x 22.23mm  230 x 2.0 x 22.23mm  230 x 3.0 x 22.23mm 300 x 3.0 x 20mm
  • 350 x 3.0 x 25.4mm  115 x 6.0 x 22.23mm  125 x 6.0 x 22.23mm
  • Besides, we also apply TUV certificate for the following size:125 x 3.0 x 22.23mm  230 x 6.0 x 22.23mm 300 x 3.5 x 20mm  100 x 6.0 x 16mm

We do respect OSHA as a very important certificate.

But it is very difficult so far for a Chinese company to apply for it. At moment not even one manufacturer in China has this certificate. Some expert says it could be a barrier to block Chinese made abrasives to the professional markets. Anyway, we can not print the OSHA on our own BSP label or any other private label unless customer has already the OSHA and authorizes BINIC to do so.

We are using first grade domestic material such as Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide.

Zirconium Aluminum; Calcined Aluminum Oxide, Calcined Aluminum Oxide with Coating. As a cut off wheel and grinding disc manufacturer in China, we also import some ceramic from Europe for very special applications.

The resin we get from UK company who make local production.

The fibre glass we required from the largest manufacturer in China. All transported with cooling container.

Now we have 4 quality Cutting disc target different market as a cut off wheel and grinding disc manufacturer in China.

  • ECO line: This cut off wheel has very good speed and prices as well. It is good for general cutting such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel and some other alloy. Only life is slight short. For example when cut a diameter 12mm stainless steel bar, it can reach 52 cuts( by 4.5 abrasive cut off wheel) . But our Premium class can reach even 102 cuts. The ECO line is very good for general use market like in South America, east Europe or middle east. Or some DIY market in Europe or States for big promotions.
  • Standard Line: The standard line has the same speed like the ECO line but acquire almost 25% more life. It is also a free cutting type. As you know even though standard line has 25% more life but the cost is only 10-15%(very good cutting disc price) more than the ECO line. So it is still very competitive product. Some customers in South America take this line as a premium grade.Also in Europe some customer take it as standard product they can sell in large construction supermarket like Bauhouse.
  • Premium line: Premium line maintain the same speed like the previous cut-off wheel, but life is even more longer. it is 2 times better than the ECO line, can reach 102 cuts on the stainless steel bar. This disc are very good especially in cutting stainless steel and hard material, so it is very good for professional plumber and welders. Known as an INOX killer. This is our main products supply to Europe.
  • Super long life: Our super line is a very hard disc. The speed is 20% slower than our ECO line. But life is unbelievably good. It can reach 142 cuts on this stainless steel bar. It is very good for powerful machine and customer need very good life like the power station project.

Now we have 2 major quality for grinding wheel as a cut off wheel and grinding disc manufacture.

  • Standard grind wheel
    It is a normal quality grind wheel. If we use 105×6(grinding wheel 4 inch) to grinding a cast iron plate for 10mins, then the grinding wheel lost 14g weight and ground off 100-120g material . The grinding efficiency ratio is 1:8. It is medium quality in terms of speed and life.
  • Super grinding disc:
    We have imported from SG abrasive the different grain size of ceramic. Then mix those ceramic with high quality carborundum then we have very nice super grinding disc. If we use 105×6(4 inch grinding wheels) to grinding a cast iron plate for 10mins, then the grinding wheel lost 10g weight and ground off 180-200g material . The grinding efficiency ratio is 1:18. It is very good quality, sometime even can challenge Cubitron. (70% performance but the cost is much less). Very good grinder blade.

The most popular size for cutting wheel and grinding wheels are:

115×1, 125×1, 230×1.8, 115×3, 125×3, 180×3, 115×6, 125×6, 230×3, 230×6. In inch is 3 inch, 4 inch, 4 1/2 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch. 115mm cutting disc, 4 1/2 grinding wheel, 3 cut off wheel, 4 grinding wheel, 3 inch cut off wheel

Testing reports are available upon request.

We have comparison testing report with Norton, flexovit, dewalt, CGW, Tyrolit, Dronco, Metabo, Makita, Pferd and Rhodius. We still can not reach their premium quality, but we are competitive for their standard or economic line.

Cutting Disc Type

As we know there are flat cut wheel which we call T41, and the depressed cutting wheel we say it T42. All grinding wheel are depressed and we call them T27. In USA is slightly different. They call flat cutting wheel T1, and all depressed cutting and grinding disk they call T27. But why there are 2 shapes, as far as I know there are some reasons as following:

  1. Sometimes you have to reach very special place to cut and grind like groove or narrow space. The depressed shape is very helpful to reach such place without bending the whole disc.
  2. Sometimes the depressed shape can remind u when you cut the very end of the wheel.
  3. In general the flat wheel is much more than the depressed one in the market as the ez installation on the Angle grinder. But sometimes people thinking depressed one is safer even though it is slight expensive. In USA many people prefer to put a zinc alloy HUB on the flat wheel to make it more safer when they are using powerful machine.

We have some applications for our cutting and grinding wheels, they are as following:

  • Metal cutting disc: it is general cutting can cut carbon steel, alloy, cast iron, stainless steel
  • Inox cutting disc: Very good in stainless steel cutting
  • Aluminium cutting disc: Hard bond to cut Aluminium in very aggressive speed.
  • Mini cut off wheel: It is good for the air/pneumatic tools and like the dremel machine.
  • Non-Fe, S, CL cut off wheel: it is very special wheel mostly supplied to food industry where they cut the pipes beverage. It is not allowed any contaminant particles in side after cutting. This wheel is not easy made product and take much longer time than normally wheels.
  • Cut of wheel for stone: Still people buying it for granite or some other hard stone, in these years this kind of wheels are going less as diamond saw blade are becoming much cheaper than before.
  • Chop saw wheel: Most of those wheels are over 300mm and used for chop saw.
  • Railway cut off wheel: Special reinforced wheel, good for railway cutting. Most popular size is cutting wheel 14.
  • Gasoline saw cut off wheel: Free cut wheel, very good speed, also the size over 300mm.

The cut off wheel performance will decline after certain time.

It is very important point but still a lot of customers do not pay a close attention on it. The abrasive wheels are made by small abrasive powder particles. It will naturally absorb water as long as it is exposed in the air. As long as the water come inside the cut off wheel, the life starts go down. We can see the figures as following:

  • Within 2-3 months , the performance is 80-85% as new one
  • 3 months – 12 months, it will be 70-75% performance like new one.
  • 12 months -24 months. It will be 60-70% performance like new one
  • Normally we do not suggest to use the the cut off wheels over 2 years. In this way, how to pack and store the wheels are very important.

Tip: Not all the cut off wheels has this problem. The thicker the wheel, the less the problem. All the numbers we are talking here is for the 1mm thickness cut of wheel.

As an cut of wheel and grinding disc manufacturer in China, we are request to mark on the metal ring which in the middle of the cut off wheel the production time.

Therefore customer must aware there is maximum 2 years plus this time that they can have this cut wheels in their hand. There is also one tricks we only remind people who buy abrasives from BINIC: There are 4 pins on the metal ring. Most of Chinese cut off wheels supplier has triangle pins on it and people from Europe are using round pins. So if you have the private label in Europe, better clarify in your order you need round pin on the metal ring.

We have several option for our customer on the package of the wheels

  1. 5-10 wheels in a shrink-ed package, then 50pcs in as small box, then in the master carton.
  2. 50-100pcs wheels in vacuum package then put in small box, then in the master carton.
  3. 10-20pcs in a Aluminium case or plastic case. The cover are tightly closed to avoid air.

There are several conditions for delivery time:

  • Free Sample can be sent out within 3-7 Days. We will send by by DHL or UPS. If the samples requested are over 5Kg. We would charge our customer the freight.
  • We can be very quick if there is only 3-6 different sizes in one order, in general will be 15-20 days. But if in one order appear over 10 sizes, we must consider the delivery time over 25 days
  • Some special wheels are difficult to produce, like the Non-Fe, S, Cl, ultra thin wheel 0.8mm and the railway cutters. It takes minimum 30 days to finish the production.

At last if you make your first cut off wheel or grinding disc order, you need to do as following:

  1. Make sure what is the popular cut off wheel or grinding disc size in your market
  2. Make sure what is the application of your customer and in which quality you want to supply. Maybe you need different product line like economic and Premflex.
  3. If want to do private label, confirm what kind label you want, and also design the label layout.
  4. Check the minimum quantity to see if it is OK for you.
  5. Check what date shall be engraved on the metal ring.
  6. Make sure the bore hole is the right size to fit the angle grinder or circular saw in your market.
  7. Confirm what package you need.
  8. Realize the quality you check in my place can be vary when goods reach to your door. Always thinking life will be 80% down.
  9. Sell the cut off wheel or grinding disc as quick as possible, if not find a dry place to stock them.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us BINIC ABRASIVE – A professional cut off wheel and grinding disc manufacturer in China send our E-mail: It is our great pleasure to serve you.

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