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BINIC Wire Brush Manufacturers offers the finest quality wire brush for the factory, suppliers, wholesalers, distributor.

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BINIC Abrasive, a professional Wire Brush Manufacturer & Supplier, offers the finest quality crimped wire cup brush, crimped wire bevel brush, twisted knot bowl cup brush, twisted knot wheel brush, twisted knot bevel brush, circular brush, shaft mounted cup brush,brush set,wire brush for drill bit,rotary wire brush to the factory, suppliers, wholesalers, distributor, and etc. Designed for easy access into narrow holes and confined areas. Crimped style for light to medium duty applications, Removes rust, scale and paint in hard to reach areas.

How to place order on BINIC Abrasive wire brush

–By Binic Wire Brush Manufacturers

Founded in 2002, BINIC Abrasive, has been committed to offering best cut off disc, grinding discs, flap disc, fiber disc. We are one of the best china abrasives supplier. Also we started to be a wire brush manufacturer in 2008.

OEM/ODM Service Offered.

We can supply our customer with their own private label, either in color box or blister. We can also engrave the mark on the wire brush body. We can help them to design their own logo on the private label. There are lot of industrial regulations you have to follow on the label designing.

BSP is the brand name of BINIC Abrasive.

Binic is wire brush manufacturers.BSP is the brand of Binic Abrasive,it means “BINIC Sintering Products”. It also covers our products for Cutting and Grinding wheel, diamond wheel, diamond cup wheels, diamond core bits, wire wheel and brushes. We are also looking for wire brush distributor and dealers. We are going to set up a warehouse in Dubai to cover a market in middle east. Also the USA warehouse in Texas is in our plan on 2020.

Wheel Brush Application

Quite different with Grinding wheel and flap disc, the wheel brush is mainly used for rust removal and paint removal. Also deburring on the metal surface for hard- removal particles. It can also be used on the pavement for cleaning dirt and weeds.

Wheel Brush Package

As a china Wire Brush Manufacturers, there is no minimum quantity for the wire brush if it is neutral package. But if you have specific logo design on the blister card or color box, better you order 200-300pcs each size. Or you pay the package cost separately. For detail please ask our sales people: sales@binic-china.com.

In general we have 2 types of wire for all wire wheels.

One is twisted knot wire and another one is crimped wire. They are quite different in real application.

  • Crimped wire: It is general for uniform surface. It is good to get rid of small burs or remove small layer of dusts. Sometime when we need make fine polish we also need crimped wire.
  • Twisted knot: It provides very aggressive brushing. It is good to remove big stock and burs on the surface, also good for very thick rust and paints.

There are different wire material for the wire wheel.

The detailed information as following:

  • Steel wire: It is a strong wire with heat treatment, very good for remove big stock rust and paint. Sometimes even can remove weeds on the pavement. The cost of the steel wire is good, but it can scratch the metal surface as it is hard. Also it might have the chance that the working piece get rust again after steel wire grinding. So you need some Anti rust treatment after using steel wire.
  • Stainless steel wire: It is very good wire and better than the steel wire. the working piece will not getting rust after brushing. Stainless steel brushes are often used with aluminum, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metals to prevent “after-rust” situation. It is pity that the stainless steel can also scratch the metal surface.
  • Brass wire: It is very soft material compare to other wire. It will never scratch the surface on the working pieces. So we suggest to use brass wire when the working piece is very hard and also need smooth surface. Also the working piece will not get rust again after brass wire brushing.
  • Coated brass wire:It is cheap version to replace the brass wire. It not so bad in the performance of rust removing. It still can cause the rust after grinding, but little better than the steel wire.
  • Nylon wire: Nylon wheels are well-suited for light cleaning, polishing, deburring, and surface finishing. These wheel brushes are resistant to most solvents and have excellent fatigue life.

There are so many different wire brushes on Binic Wire Brush Manufacturers

First we categorize them by different power tools.

  • Angle grinder: You can use cup wire brush, bevel brush and wire wheel brush with the 22.23mm or 5/8-11 inch thread for angle grinder. This is most popular power tools for the wire brush.
  • Bench wheel: When we need powerful machine to brush burrs or clean some hand held working piece , normally we use the stationary bench grinder. Mostly we are using circular wire brush which have a round hole in the middle,
  • Electric drill: When we use a hand held electric drill or stationary drilling machine, we need a wire brush with shank. Normally round shank, Hex shank or Hex shank with locking system. Mostly it works for some narrow space, edge or tube side jobs.

According to the shape and application, there are 8 kinds of wire brushes as following:

  • Cup wire brush
    Cup wire brush Cup brushes are used for removal of scale, rust, and paint, as well as for deburring and polishing. It is very good for large flat or round surface operation.
  • Bevel cup wire Brush
    Bevel cup wire brush are used for rust removal, deburring, polishing and grout cleaning. It is ideal to clean corners and edges or other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Circular wire brush for bench wheel
    It is installed on bench grinder to work on small working pieces which can be hold by hand. Most of the application is polishing and deburring.
  • Wire wheel brush for angle grinder
    It is a flat wire brush with thread or hole in the middle. All of them are used in Angle grinders. It is good for welding remove (blending the weld) and grout cleaning. It is ideal to work on narrow space processing.
  • Grass trimmer head wire brush
    This is special wire brush for weed removal. Some people also call it Lawn Mower Weeding Tray. It is bug cup wheel brush in 150mm, 170mm and 200mm. (6-8 inch)
  • Shaft mounted wire brush
    It is used for electric drill. All the wire brush has the shank either in round or hex shank, some is hex shank locking system. The wire brush can be cup wire brush, bevel cup wire brush and wire brush.
  • End wire brush
    It has shank used for electric drill. The end brush is applied in the situation to brush some difficult place like a inlet of the tube, or some corner and edge area.
  • Nylon wire brush
    It is generally good for light duty work on metal surface. Sometime work on clean containment and other dirts on the working piece. It can not remove big stock of rust, but never scratch the surface.
  • Wood handle brush and plastic handle brush
    It is good supplement for the power tools wire brush. For small and short time works.

Now for standard wire brushes, we have in general 3 qualities from Binic Wire Brush Manufacturers.

So we made a test with 75mm crimped Cup wire brush to brush a cast iron plate for 30 minutes to see the difference.

  • Eco wire brush: it is 186g with carbon steel wire. So after 30 minutes brush, it brush off 1.3g material with self lost around 4 gram. The brushing rate is 0.27. You can see the life and speed are in a reasonable range. Good for DIY market.
  • Standard wire brush: it is 196g with 65Mn steel wire. So after 30 minutes brush, it brush off 1.6g material with self lost around 3 gram. The brushing rate is 0.53. You can see the speed is good with also a nice life.
  • Premium wire brush: it is 229g (heavy duty wire brush) with high grade 65Mn steel wire. So after 30 minutes, it brushed off 2g material with self lost around 2 gram. The brushing rate is 1.0. You can see the life and speed are very good. Can be used in a professional market. It is the best wire brush we supply. Also we can call it industrial wire brush.

The most popular size for wire brushes are:

  • crimped wire cup brush: 65mm wire brush, 75mm wire brush, 90mm wire brush, 100mm wire brush, 125mm wire brush, 150mm wire brush
  • crimped brass wire cup brush: 2 1/2 brass wire brush, 3 brass wire cup brush, 4 wire brush, 5 wire brush, 6 wire brush
  • Twisted knot wire cup brush: 2 1/2 inch wire brush, 3 inch wire brush, 4 inch wire brush, 5 inch wire brush, 6 inch wire brush. Double row twist knot wire brush
  • Crimped wire bevel wheel brush, Crimped beveled brass wire brush, twist knot bevel wire brush all have M14x22,2 or 5/8-11UNC thread
  • Bench grinder wire wheel brush: 100mm circular wire brush, 125mm wire brush for bench wheel, 150mm bench grinder brush, 180mm wire wheel brush, 230mm wire wheel brush for bench wheel, 300mm wire wheel brush
  • Angle grinder wire wheel brush: 4 wire wheel brush, 5 wire brush for bench wheel, 6 wire wheel brush, 7 crimped wire wheel brush, 9 wire wheel brush, 10 twisted knot wire wheel brush, 12 wire wheel brush, double row twisted knot wire wheel brush. 4 inch wire wheel brush, 5 inch wire wheel brush, 6 inch wire wheel brush, 7 inch twisted knot wire wheel brush, 9 inch wire wheel brush for bench wheel, 10 inch angle grinder wire wheel brush.
  • Wire brush for drill: 38mm cup brush, 50mm brass wire brush, 63mm crimped wire cup brush, 75mm round shank cup wheel, 80mm wire brush for drill, 100 wire cup brush for drill, 1-1/2 wire cup brush for drill, 2 wire cup brush for drill, 3 wire brush for drill, 4 wire cup brush for drill. 3 1/8 twist knot wire cup brush for drill, 2 inch Wire Brush for drill.
  • Wire wheel brush for drill: 38mm wire wheel brush for drill, 50mm crimped wire wheel brush for drill, 63mm wire wheel brush for drill, 75mm wire wheel for drill, 100mm wire wheel for drill. 1-1/2 wire wheel for drill, 2 wire wheel for drill, 3 1/8 wire wheel for drill, 4 wire wheel for drill.

Testing reports are available upon request.

We have comparison testing report with Norton wire brush, Makita wire brush, osborn wire brush, weiler wire brush. We still can not reach their premium quality, but we are competitive for their standard or economic line.

We have some applications for our wire brush

wire brush for metal, Steel wire brush, stainless steel wire brush, alloy wheel brush, welding wire brush, wire tube brush, brass wire brush. Lawn Mower Weeding Tray, grass trimmer head wire brush. Block paving wire brush, grout cleaning wire brush, pave joint wire brush, plumbing wire brush, tube wire brush, strimmer wire brush, alloy Wire Brush.


Normally we pack a single unit wire brush in a neutral box, and then in a mast carton. It also can be a color box with customer logo on it, Another choice is single unit sealed in a double/single blister card. We also has a set of cup wheels in blister card, most of them are used in electric drill.

There are several conditions for delivery time:

  • Free Sample can be sent out within 3-7 Days. We will send by DHL or UPS. If the samples requested are over 5Kg. We would charge our customer the freight.
  • We can be very quick if there is only 3-6 different sizes in one order, in general will be 15-20 days. But if in one order appear over 10 sizes, we must consider the delivery time over 25 days

As a China Wire Brush Manufacturers, hope customer can read the following info before ordering:

  1. Make sure what wire brush you need in your market, and in which size. Very important is to clarify the size of the tread or holes.
  2. Make sure what is the application of your customer and in which quality you want to supply. Then we can suggest right Wire Brush and right shape.
  3. Check the minimum quantity to see if it is OK for you.
  4. Confirm what package you need.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact BINIC ABRASIVE – A professional wire brush manufacturer and send our E-mail: sales@binic-china.com. It is our great pleasure to serve you.

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