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1.Flap wheels with shaft

Feature: Different sizes and grits for choosing.

Item No. Material Size Grit Applications
70000043 Aluminium oxide cloth, resin glue Different sizes and grits for choosing. 40-320 For internal and external finishing of pipework, small components and intricate surface

2.Flap wheel with bore

Feature: Suitable for portable machines and stationary grinder for mass production.

Item No. Material Size Grit Applications
70000044 Aluminium oxide cloth, resin glue Different sizes and grits for choosing


Wide range of sizes and grits are a practical tool for any surface finishing operation

3.Sanding screen

Feature: For sanding drywall joints and patching compound to fine finish.

Item No. Material Size Grit Applications
70000045 Aluminium oxide & Silicon carbide, fiberglass backing 93x230mm, 115x280mm 40-320 For sanding drywall joints and patch compound to fine finish

4.Non-woven abrasive

Feature: Flexible, washable and reusable.

Item No. Material Size Grit Applications

Aluminium oxide & Silicon carbide and strong nylon

150x230mm, 225x275mm 240, 400, 1000 Replacement for steel wool for heacy duty cleaning and preparation of metal surface and bases for painting

5.Sanding sponges

Feature: Flexibile, durable, can sand into areas unreachable by sand paper sheets, washable, various sizes and grit combinations.

Item No. Material Size Grit Applications
70000047 Aluminium oxide,
Silicon carbide,
100X70X25、125X100X12mm 60-240 For sanding curved, contoured or flat surfaces of wood, metal, paint, plastic, ceramic and drywall
100X70X25、125X100X12mm 60-240 For sanding wood
120X100X12mm 60-600 For sanding wood

6.Sanding sponge paper

Feature:The soft and flexible sanding sponge paper especially useful in the automotive industry and the car repair branch. The foam base applies pressure evenly, which reduces the risk of sanding through the surface.

Item No. Material Size Grit Applications
78000048 Aluminium oxide and Zirconium Oxide

115 mm X25m

80-800 Used when feathering out, removing overspray in a blending zone.

7.Lambs wool polishing

Item No. Size Applications
78000049 115mm, 125mm, 180mm, 230mm For grinding automotive

8. Mounted points

Item No. Material Size Grit Applications
78000050 PA, WA, A, GC Various shapes and size for customer to choose 24,36,40,50,60,80,100, 120,150,180,220, 240,280,320,360,400,500,600,800, 1000,1200 For grinding and polishing of metals, precision tools or equipments process such as precision blade, axletree process

9.Sharpening stone

Item No. Material Size Applications
78000051 Aluminium oxide, Silicon carbide abrasive and Zirconium Oxide 6”X2”X1”&8”X2”X1” Sanding for various cutters

10.Roloc disc

Item No. Size Applications
78000052 D50MM& D75MM Sanding for rust and paint

11.Sanding pad PU

Item No. Size Applications
78000053 125mm&150mm Match with velcro disc

12. Polishing pads

Item No. Size Applications
78000054 150X50mm, 200X50mm Polishing for automotive

13. Sanding block

Item No. Size Applications
78000055 165X85mm, 210X105mm, 230X80mm, 230X120mm, 125X67mm(PVC), 105X210mm, 80X230mm Match with velcro disc, sanding paper

14.Quick change surface conditioning discs

 Features: Fast and heavy abrasive action, highly efficient escape of waste.

Item No. Size Applications
78000056 Dia:25mm, 28mm, 51mm; Shank: 76mm Used in hard to reach places for plastic products, machinery for the chemical and foods industries, stainless steel furniture ect.


Features: Fine functioning in chip removal and fast speed in heat dissipation.

Item No. Size Grit Applications
78000057 Dia:115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm, 230mm 16-120 For operation on granites