Fibre Sanding Disc

BINIC Fibre Sanding Disc is a versatile and general-purpose metalworking disc, designed to help with a variety of applications from grinding, weld removal & finishing to blending on common metals like carbon steel.

Details About Fibre Sanding Disc Bulk Sales

As the leader in fibre disc manufacturers, BINIC has been involved in fibre disc researching&manufacturing since 2005. Our fibre disc baking pad maintains super-sharp points that cut exceptionally fast with less pressure.

  • Custom Service Offered With Free Sample.
  • Manufacturer&Supplier: BINIC (or custom Logo)
  • Material: Aluminum Oxide/Silicon Carbide/Ceramic
  • Cutting Disc Size: Standard or Customized
  • Application: Surface Grinding; Polishing
  • Packaging: Plastic & Carton

Resin fibre disc is one kind of fibre disc, covered with a resin bond coat, which is then covered with grains of a selected mineral abrasive. Resin Fibre sanding discs are used for general-purpose grinding and finishing on metals, plastic, and wood. These fibre discs are to be used on a right-angle grinder and often require a Backup Pad for use.

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