Abrasive disc supplier in south american market

Overview of South American Abrasive Disc Market

South America is a sparsely populated region with abundant resources. The population is about 780 million.

Currently, the Southern Common Market, a regional organization, plays a role in exempting tariffs among member states. The major economic powers are Brazil, Argentina and Chile. South American standards adopt European and American standards, and products of European, American and Japanese brands are very popular in South American countries.

The import value of abrasive wheels &cutting disc in the entire South American market is about US $ 350-400 million, of which Brazil share around 25%, which is the largest importer of abrasive products in South America. The main sources of imports are China, Brazil and Turkey.

Some international brands, such as NORTON, BOSCH, TYROLIT, and BLACK & DECKER, etc. occupy the dominant position and the largest share in the market.

The South American market currently does not have a unified certification and quality standard for grinding wheel products. Compared with quality, consumers are more concerned about whether the price is attractive enough, so products are mostly economical and cost-effective.

TOP 4 Market of South America

Most hot sell Brands in South American market

Top 10 Abrasive Disc importers in major countries of south America


Brazillian annual import value for Abrasive disc is around 150 Million per year.

We could see TYROLIT share 20% market in Brazil, then is Black&Decker with 10% market share. Some Brands are also Involved in Top 10 importer, like BOSCH, Saint-Gobain, Makita, Starrett

Besides, as a major player, Saint-Gobain has a big factory producing abrasive disc in Brazil.


Chilean Market annual import value for Abrasive disc is around 70 Million per year.

The biggest importer: ISESA buys from Saint-Gobain with their OEM brand. Based on this information, we could see Saint-Gobain disc has around 45% market share in Chile.

Klingspor, BOSCH, Black&Decker, Makita and Wurth are also involved in TOP10.

Some other brands like KUPFER, UYUStools, Emaresa in TOP10 are  buying from China.

For now, we Supply for Emaresa around $0.35 Million per year for abrasive discs in Chile.


Argentine Market annual import value for Abrasive disc is around 50 Million per year.

Saint-Gobain has 35% market share in Argentina, while Black&Decker with 10% market share.

Other brands like CERAMICA and A.A.Abrasivos buy from Brazil, SCANIA and Volkswagen all purchase from Germany, ALIAFOR buys from China.

We supply Sinpar in Argentina for years, and help them sell 0.5 Mollion dollars cutting disc in there market so far.


Peruvian Market annual import value for Abrasive disc is around 50 Million per year.

Saint-Gobain has 34% market share, and 3M share around 15%, Black&Decker share around 15%. BOSCH is also involved in TOP10.

Second-tier brands like SEDISA buy from TYROLIT Argentina about 1 million per year; WANLIDA IMPORT, TAIXING and HERRAMIENTAS Y ACCESORIOS all buy from China each around 300,000 to 600,000 dollars per year.

5.TOP 10 IMPORTER IN Ecuador

Ecuadorian Market annual import value for Abrasive disc is around 30 Million per year.

PROMESA, FERREMUNDO,  GERARDO ORTIZ E HIJOS CIA. LTDA, MEGAPROFER, DEMACO these TOP 5 company all buy from Saint-Gobain, which has around 80% market share total.

Others like KYWI import from Truper in Mexico whom actully buy from China.

According to the TOP 10 Importers in each country, we may have some idea about who are  main players in South America abrasive disc market

The TOP player in South America market is Saint-Gobain, which was popular selling in every market and has a very large market share around 25% to 30%.

Except the International first-line brand like Saint-Gobain, BOSCH, Black&Decker, TYROLIT, Makita… Most of the second-tier brands buy from China, Europe or some from Southeast Asia…

Major Brands analyze in South American market

1.Norton BNA series and Norton Classic line are the most popular selling items in South America. 

Especially Norton Classic is the biggest competitor in Brazillian Market  

The most popular selling sizes are: 115×1.0x22.23mm, 180×1.6×22.23mm, 230×2.0x22.23mm

2.BOSCH has different lines to meet different application. The biggest demands are Metal and Stainless steel cutting.

Most popular selling seires is BOSCH Standard line and BOSCH Expert line.

Most popular sizes: 115×1.0x22.23mm, 180×1.6×22.23mm, 230×2.0x22.23mm

3.There got 3 series are popular selling in Sout America, TYROLIT SECUR EXTRA, TYROLIT EXPERT, TYROLIT BASIC. Popular using is for Steel and Stainless steel, and they have a special line especially for 2 in 1 application.

Hot sell sizes are: Top 1 must be 115×1.0x22.2mm. Size 180×1.6×22.23mm, 230×3.0x22.23mm are also popular using in South America.

4.The most popular BLACK-DECKER discs are 115mm discs ,and they mainly purchase abrasive discs from China.

  • The biggest player in South America is Saint-Gobain.
  • According to the above brands analyzing, we could seethe most popular sizes in South America are:






  • And the most popular applications are Steel and Stainless steel

Most of the brands have 2 in 1 line, which can cut both Steel and Stainless steel.

  • Most of international Brands have different quality to suit different market needs.

The Commercial market is the main market in STD quality with the largest demands!

BINIC Abrasive disc is popular selling in South America market through OEM&ODM for many big brands

We have different qualities of cutting disc line to meet different market and application needs, BINIC DIY,BINIC STANDARD,AND BINIC PROFESSIONAL