Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Price Ups and Downs!

Due to Henan, Shanxi province environmental inspection efforts continue to increase, resulting in aluminum oxide abrasive price ups and downs!

April 12, in order to further strengthen law enforcement and supervision, in-depth investigation and rectification of industrial enterprises air environment prominent problems, improve the mechanism and system, improve the online monitoring and monitoring management level, accelerate the promotion of industrial enterprises air pollutant emission standards, promote industrial structure adjustment and green development, and constantly improve environmental quality, The Office of the Department of Environment and Environment of Henan Province published the Action Plan of Henan Province for Improving Air Pollutants by Industrial Enterprises in 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan”).

The action key selection results in large thermal power production (including waste incineration power generation, biomass power generation, etc.), steel smelting, coking, cement (including independent grinding station), refractory material, glass (refers to the enterprise of containing glass furnace), casting, carbon (including graphite), aluminum (aluminum oxide and electrolytic aluminium enterprises), brick and tile, lime, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling, printing, Pespesticide, pharmaceutical, inorganic chemical manufacturing and other industries, as well as industrial enterprises involved in industrial painting, industrial furnaces, boilers, by focusing on the general drive, promote industrial enterprises to achieve a full standard of air pollutants emissions.


In addition, the action plan will be divided into three stages: mobilization and deployment stage (April 15 BBB 0 April 30), inspection and verification stage (May 1 BBB 1 May 31), and rectification and improvement stage (June 1 BBB 2 July 31), lasting for four months. The local aluminum oxide industry may continue to be affected.


Bauxite plate


In early April, the central environmental inspection team was stationed in eight provinces, including Shanxi and Henan, and is expected to carry out environmental inspection for about one month. The inspections are stricter than before, with kiln production in Xiaoyi district suspended at the end of March due to the installation of online environmental monitoring equipment, and some kiln production in Jiexiu district suspended at the beginning of this month due to central environmental inspections.


In addition, Henan region high-grade bauxite ore market supply this week to maintain a tight situation, local bauxite raw ore prices remain firm. With the current trend of more stringent environmental protection, it is expected that in the next week, China’s Shanxi, Henan and other places high grade bauxite ore, ore prices will be stable and strong.


Aluminum oxide abrasive plate


This week, China’s aluminum oxide abrasive market supply basically returned to the normal level, although most of the production enterprises without inventory pressure, but because of the sluggish market demand, downstream customers also refused to increase prices, so the enterprise quotation temporarily maintained stability. It is expected that in the next week, in view of the strong production costs, China’s aluminum oxide abrasive prices will continue to run steadily.


The global epidemic is still raging, and the world economy has been severely hit by the epidemic, The road to recovery economy is still clouded and full of bumps; The sharp rise in raw material prices has undoubtedly cast a shadow on the recovery of the manufacturing industry. Only when the world strengthens cooperation to fight the epidemic can the world overcome this crisis and achieve a safer, more prosperous, and more stable world that will benefit all mankind.