Characteristics and precautions of resin grinding wheel

The abrasive disc cutter is a thin sheet made of abrasives and binder resin for cutting ordinary steel and stainless steel. It uses resin bonded abrasives as a binding agent, and combines glass fiber mesh with various materials, which can realize the cutting of hard materials such as alloy steel and stainless steel.

Characteristics of resin bond grinding wheel

Resin bond grinding wheel has the characteristics of good elasticity, high strength, low heat resistance, strong self-sharpening, easy production and short process cycle.

Resin bond grinding wheel are a tool in high demand and are commonly used in various grinding operations such as:

  • surface grinding,
  • cylindrical centerless grinding
  • grooving and internal grinding.

Precautions when using the resin grinding wheel

When using the resin grinding wheel, the following items must be observed to ensure work safety;

  1. Before using the resin grinding wheel, be sure to check whether the product has cracks and hoarse sound, if there is, it cannot be used;
  2. The rotational speed of the resin bond grinding wheel shall not exceed the safe RPM;
  3. Do not use a cut off wheel for grinding;
  4. When the cutting disc for grinderis processing the workpiece, do not push the workpiece with a lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel;
  5. Professional maintaining tools should be used when maintaining the metal cutting disc, and the operator must wear protective equipment;
  6. When cutting, the coolant should be selected correctly. If the coolant is not used, there must be a dust-proof device;
  7. The center hole of the best metal cutting wheel for angle grinderand the center axis of the metal cutting wheel must match, otherwise it cannot be used;
  8. The shape and size of the flanges clamped on both sides of the resin cutting disc must be the same and the diameter must meet the requirements, and there must be grooves on both sides;
  9. When installing and fixing, the tightness must be moderate. After the installation is completed, start the machine to idle for about one minute, and use it only after there is no abnormality;
  10. The pressure given during grinding and use should be uniform. It is strictly forbidden to collide violently with the workpiece when the grinding wheel is adjusted and rotated. The contact surface between the grinding wheel and the workpiece should be reduced when cutting large-diameter workpieces.


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