Comparison of Gringding wheels with Resin grinding wheel and Grinding discs

BINIC produces various cutting wheels for its customers. We have different kinds product Gringding wheels ,Resin grinding wheel , and Grinding discs for

DIY and professional market.

Features of Aluminum Cut Off Wheel: can be used in angle grinder; various materials that can be cut quickly, with minimal friction work and low heat output, to reduce material contamination. Aluminum Cut Off Wheel has excellent cutting performance and super-long application life.

High efficiency, long life, flat surface of the workpiece During the grinding process, it is easy to control, the quality is better, the surface smoothness is consistent and there is no fading

Reduce the surface temperature of the workpiece, the Grinding roulette disc has the characteristics of self-sharpening, which can better and easier complete the grinding of t surface and reduce it

The same specification Grinding wheel has different thickness and fine grain size optional. It can be selected according to different surface treatment requirements.

Quieter than grinding wheel with less vibration. When using the grinder, the louver discs are lighter, and the fiber mesh back base provides a cushioning effect,

It also reduces worker fatigue.Resin grinding wheel Comparison of Grinding-wheels with steel paper grinding discs

Compared with steel paper grinding discs, the service life is about 30 times longer.

The use of louvers reduces the frequency of replacement of platters on the machine to improve total production efficiency

The abrasive self-sharpening characteristics ensure the continuity and consistency of the workpiece being ground

Easy to store a moisture is not affected much without a back base, unlike plastic or aluminum back base, it is not easy to be damaged

No back base is required, unlike plastic or aluminum back bases, it is not susceptible to damage

Fewer grinding disc replacement times, reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency