How to wire brush wood?

Wire brushes are tools that remove paint or surface treatment from wood. Active use of a wire brush can also compress the wood as it will wear off the softer, lighter coloured portions of the wood grain and cause the denser wood chips to disappear. The result is a dilapidated exterior feature of outdoor weathering. It is not recommended to use a wire brush to repair premium furniture.

step 1
Wear safety glasses before using the wire brush to protect your eyes from debris.

Step 2
Fix the wood to prevent it from moving. Use a wooden clip to hold small pieces of wood that may move around when you apply a wire brush.

Step 3
Use several layers of painter’s tape to peel off the area to be protected from the wire brush. The painter’s tape does not leave any residue on the wood.

Step 4
Repeat the tap and use a soft brass wire brush in the same direction as the wood texture until the wood shows the desired degree of wear or damage.

Step 5
Polish the wood with fine sandpaper to remove any burrs or debris left by the wire brush. The wood can now be dyed and modified to your taste.

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