joint price increase

On March 14, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce hardware& machinery chamber of commerce abrasive committee of china issued a proposal, which mainly around the “joint price increase” and “internal procurement” for abrasive factories.

The main content is summarized as follows :

All abrasive wheel manufacturers could adjust their product prices Strategy according to their actual situation, including stop promotion policy or reduce promotion policy to overcome the difficulty of price rise together.

The initiative of this proposal was put forward mainly because of the rising prices of various raw materials around the world, due to the inflation, policy changes and other multiple factors recently, product costs continue to rise, the reasonable profit space of enterprises is constantly squeezed, leading to the difficulties of enterprises to survive in the market.

In addition, the abrasive committee also proposes to increase the amount of internal procurement among the member enterprises of the association, make full use of the advantages of enterprise resources in the association, and get together for common development.

After the proposal released, the following abrasive suppliers in china have issued a notice of price increasing to all of their clients:

Shenzhen second sand deep union co., LTD.,

Langfang ShengSen abrasive co., LTD.,

Zhuhai great white sharks abrasives co., LTD.,

Zhengzhou liger abrasives co., LTD.,

Yi Lida grinding technology (Shenzhen) co., LTD.,

Dongguan Jin Liwei abrasives co., LTD.,

Zhengzhou auspicious abrasives co., LTD.,

Guizhou Foster Abrasives Co., Ltd.

The global epidemic is still raging, and the world economy has been severely hit by the epidemic, The road to recovery economy is still clouded and full of bumps; The sharp rise in raw material prices has undoubtedly cast a shadow on the recovery of the manufacturing industry.

Only when the world strengthens cooperation to fight the epidemic can the world overcome this crisis and achieve a safer, more prosperous, and more stable world that will benefit all mankind.