Types of Abrasives for Making Cutting disc and Grinding Disc

There are many types of abrasive cutting disc and grinding discs. According to different materials, we need to choose the most suitable cutting disc, so that the processing accuracy, the roughness of the object surface, and the production efficiency can be improved.

  1. The quality of the cutting disc depends on the type of abrasive.

The most commonly used abrasives of cutting disc and grinding disc are Aluminium Oxide and white Aluminium Oxide, Silicon carbide, zirconia grinding wheel, Single Aluminium Oxide, Calcined Aluminium Oxide, and so on.

  • Aluminium Oxide: It has high hardness and toughness. Suitable for grinding metals with high tensile strength, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. This abrasive has good cutting and grinding performance and wide adaptability. It is usually used to remove large coarse grinding. It is cheap and usually used by people.
  • White Aluminium Oxide: It’s hardness is slightly higher than that of Aluminium Oxide, and the toughness is lower than that of Aluminium Oxide. During the cutting disc and gringding disc grinding process, the abrasive grains are easily broken. Therefore, the grinding heat is small, and it is suitable for high carbon steel, high speed steel, and so on. The cost is higher than that of Aluminium Oxide.
  • Silicon carbide: It is brittle and sharp, and its hardness is higher than that of White Aluminium Oxide . Suitable for grinding materials with low mechanical strength, such as cast iron, brass, aluminium and refractory materials.

  1. Secondly, the selection of grit is also very important.

The selection of grit mainly depends on the surface roughness and grinding efficiency. The grit of the cutting disc and grinding disc, and  grinding disc size is expressed by the grit number. When grinding with a coarse-grained grinding wheel, the grinding efficiency is high, but the surface of the object is rough. When grinding with a fine-grained aussie wheel polisher, the surface roughness of the work piece is better, but the grinding efficiency is low. On the premise of meeting the roughness requirements, the coarse-grained grinding wheel should be selected as far as possible to ensure high grinding efficiency.


The above two are the more important factors to consider when choosing a cutting disc or a grinding wheel, followed by the hardness of the abrasive, the material of the grinding material, etc. We will analyze these carefully next time. Only by selecting the appropriate grinding wheel, we can make the grinding and the cutting efficiency the best. If you still have question about cutting metal with grinder, or others question, feel free to contact Binic- grinding wheel manufacturer.