What is Coating?

Coating is on the surface of the PC coated with a layer of material, used to enhance corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and ink printing adhesion, in fact, the surface of the PC is very smooth, generally electroplating and printing are more difficult, so need to go through some surface treatment, coating is one of them.The substrate surface is covered with a layer of material, such as a layer of photoresist by dipping, spraying, or rotating coating.

Specifically, PC is polycarbonate, PC film is to use this material rolled out of the film, generally not too thin, 0.1 to a few millimeters thick, because of the hardness of PC, so also called hard plastic film. On its surface can be electroplated, generally nickel plating, such as ABS plastic can be electroplated, this is also a special subject; Printing grade refers to the PC film that can be directly printed with general ink. This PC film is generally treated by surface treatment, such as coating.

The powder coating specialists you lease will inform you the powder coating method in element. It’s miles a multi-staged procedure wherein each degree plays a giant function inside the normal nice of the product.


  • Stage#1: Material instruction in this procedure the material that required powder coating is prepared well. Wiping the stuff the usage of industrial cleanser is one approach. Sometimes, automated method is used if the fabric is in bulk. A pre-remedy plant is hooked up in which you have got dip tanks, stress sprays, and loading conveyors. Every item goes thru the procedure of dipping and cleaning. As a consequence, smooth and oil-free floor is received. The cleanser the fabric is, better adhesion of the powder coating. To recognise which instruction method is proper for you, it is the excellent way to ask powder coating specialists.
  • Stage#2: Powder coating when you get the material geared up, the following step is to apply the powder on the surface carefully. Electrostatic rate is used for it. Usually, the fine coatingattracts with the grounded cloth. The powder is retained on the floor through the use of electric fee. The great of coating depends at the energy of the electric price. If it is not adequate, then the powder slips off earlier than it’s miles sent to the following system. If fusion bonded epoxy coating is used, then the material is heated during the drying stage.


  • Stage#3: Baking To make the coating everlasting, the lined material is taken to the baking oven where it is baked for half of an hour or so at 180 to two hundred tiers Celsius. The oven desires to offer uniform warmness to all the fabric so that the coating is even. You have to get it demonstrated by powder coating experts.