Abrasiflex grinding wheel precautions

Appropriate precautions and protective measures must be taken for the handling, installation and use of the abrasiflex grinding wheel. They should always be stored to prevent shocks and bumps. Storage rooms should not be subject to drastic changes in temperature and humidity as they can damage the bonding of certain abrasiflex grinding wheels. Immediately after opening the package, inspect all new abrasiflex grinding wheels to ensure they are not damaged during transport. All used abrasiflex grinding wheels returned to the storage room should also be inspected. The abrasiflex grinding wheels should be handled with care to avoid falling and bumping as this may result in damage or breakage. The abrasiflex grinding wheels should be transported to work without rolling. If the abrasiflex grinding wheels are too heavy to be handled safely by hand, use a trolley with a cushion, truck or forklift to avoid damage.

The ring test must be performed as described below before installing the abrasiflex grinding wheel. The ring test is designed to detect cracks on the abrasiflex grinding wheels. Never use broken abrasiflex grinding wheels. A sensible precaution is to ensure that the spindle speed of the machine used does not exceed the maximum safe speed of the abrasiflex grinding wheel.

Always use a abrasiflex grinding wheel with a suitable center hole size and free fit on the spindle flange. Do not use excessive force. Never try to change the center hole. Use a pair of paired, clean, recessed flanges that are at least one-third the diameter of the abrasiflex grinding wheel. The flange bearing surface must be flat and free from burrs or dirt buildup. Only tighten the spindle nut enough to securely secure the abrasiflex grinding wheel without over tightening. If installing the steering abrasiflex grinding wheel, look for the arrow marked on the steering abrasiflex grinding wheel and make sure it points in the direction of the spindle rotation. Before operating the machine, make sure that all abrasiflex grinding wheel and machine guards are in place and that all covers are closed. After installing the abrasiflex grinding wheel securely and installing the shield in place, turn on the machine.

Grind only on the surface of the straight abrasiflex grinding wheel. Grind only on the sides of the cylinder, cup or segmented abrasiflex grinding wheel. Gently bring the grinding into contact without collision or gouging. Do not force the grinding to avoid a significant deceleration of the motor or heat of the workpiece. If the abrasiflex grinding wheel breaks during use, double check the machine to make sure the hood and shield are not damaged. Also, check the flanges, spindles and mounting nuts to ensure they are not bent, bouncing or otherwise damaged.

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