Abrasive Wheels Guide

1. What is abrasive wheel?

Abrasive wheel is a wheel, cup, or cone composed of abrasive particles bonded to various substances.


2. Use of abrasive wheel

  • Abrasivewheels are used to modify or prepare surfaces (internal or external). They use abrasive cutting, surface grinding or peripheral grinding. They can also be used for cutting, polishing, sanding, deburring and finishing.


  • Relative resistance, toughness, brittleness (their self-sharpness) and hardness depend on the type of abrasive contained in the grinding wheel. Some abrasive particles include aluminium, boron and silicon.


  • The coating or binding material (organic/inorganic) determines the shape and structure of the grinding wheel. The bonding material needs to withstand the forces that the wheel is subjected to, including centripetal force, impact, friction and high temperature.


  • Grinding wheel structure determines grade and grain spacing and volume. Hard grinding wheels are usually used for softer materials, while softer grinding wheels are usually used for harder materials.


3. Which machines are associated with grinding wheels?

Many machines use grinding wheels.These include:


  • Angle grinder

Angle grinders can also be called disk grinders or side grinders. They are hand-held power tools used for grinding, cutting and polishing. Initially, they were used only with rigid millstones, but now a variety of accessories and tools are available.

These tools are powered by compressed air or an electric motor. They are used to remove excess material and are widely used in construction, metalwork, emergency rescue and even bicycle theft.

  • Table grinder

Table grinder is a type of grinder that is permanently installed. They are used in the workshop for rough grinding.

Gasoline cutting saws are also called hacksaws. They are hand-operated machines used to cut small areas of steel, stone, asphalt and concrete. They are often the cutting machines of choice in the construction industry.

  • Table saw

A table saw is also called a table saw. They are tools for carpentry. Grinding wheel protrudes from bench. The bench supports the material as it is cut.

4. How do abrasive wheels work?

When the grinding wheel is in use, abrasive particles are cut into the material being ground, cutting the unwanted surface material into small pieces.

During grinding, the cut points on the grain are worn down and become increasingly blunt. Over time, the grinding wheel needs to be replaced. If cracks appear, they need to be replaced immediately as they may burst during use.

They also get dressed regularly. Dressing a grinding wheel  means removing the outermost surface of the wheel so that a new sharp surface can be exposed. This is because the outer edge dulls over time. How you dress the wheel depends on what the wheel is made of.

5. Conclusion

I hope that every customer can choose the most suitable abrasive wheels under the condition of safety. Read more: https://binictools.com/.