How To Polish Aluminum Wheels To Look Like Chrome?

How to polish aluminum wheels to look like chrome? A soft, silvery metal called aluminum is employed in a wide range of variety of objects and industries. Due to its ductility, light weight, and resistance to corrosion, aluminum is a widely used and well-liked metal. Aluminum is used in the automotive industry, among other things, to wrap the sides of wheels for both protection and cosmetic reasons. You should be able to polish aluminum wheels if you want to keep them in shiny aluminum shape and mirror finish aluminum. In fact, polishing metal is a skill that requires much effort. This guide will walk you through the processes required to polish aluminum wheels such that it shines as brightly as chrome and your own shining aluminum wheels!

sanding aluminum wheels for polishing

How To Polish Aluminum Wheels To Look Like Chrome?

Polishing aluminum to a mirror shine is basically 5 steps and aluminum polishing techniques and tips.

Step 1 – Aluminum Polish Pre-Cleaner

Aluminum wheels may be cleaned with water and a general cleanser, because aluminum polish pre-cleaner makes a flat surface for polishing and helps to remove dust. To clean the surface of the wheel of dirt and debris as polished cast aluminum, use a sponge or soft scrubbing pad.

Step 2 – Apply Chrome Polish On Aluminum

After the aluminum polish pre-cleaner, to cleanse the wheel thoroughly, polish the cleaning pad. The sanding pad’s surface simply needs a modest quantity of chrome polish on Aluminum. Additionally, a specialized polishing cloth can be used in place of scrubbing pads. The aluminum wheel’s surface will be thoroughly cleaned in this step to get it ready for refurbishment.

Step 3 – Polishing The Aluminum Wheels – How to sand Aluminum Wheels?

  • Apply rough sandpaper and other polishing tools for aluminum to the metal wheel’s surface. Apply pressure while sanding metal surfaces in a circular motion. Any significant surface scratches on the wheel can be removed with this technique.
  • Choose the right sandpaper grit for aluminum. Use fine 500 grit sandpaper for aluminum or polishing pads for aluminum to smooth out any surface scratches on the aluminum by sanding it.
  • Utilize a pad of steel wool to flash aluminum polish. After sanding, this will restore the aluminum’s finish. Keep in mind that the steel wool pad polishes the surface while the sandpaper is used to level it out. Use a wash pad and aluminum polishing paste to repeat this process. Binic wholesale 15 inch polished aluminum wheels, is a professional grinding wheel manufacturer, and you could know how to sand aluminum wheels from it.

Step 4 – Cleaning The Aluminum Wheels

Rinse the metal wheels to get rid of any polishing paste leftovers. Clean out the holes of any debris with a microfiber cloth.

Step 5 – Apply The Refurbishment Paste

The aluminum wheels should receive a thick coat of refurbishment paste, covering the entire surface. Give the paste at least 48 hours to oxidize and cure the aluminum.

Step 6 – Larger Polishing Jobs

Rinse with water afterward. Clean polished aluminum. With a polishing cloth, instantly clean and aluminum wheels buffer. Be mindful that if water is allowed to dry on a surface, it will create stains and ruin the refurbishment process.

sanding aluminum wheels for polishing


What To Consider When Flash Aluminum Polish?

Now we have a basic knowledge about how to sand and polish aluminum wheels, then let us focus on what to consider when flash aluminum polish? When toxic gases are produced during the chemical process of polishing, it can lead to health issues and breathing difficulties. As a result, it is advised to adhere to specific rules. Always use an outside polishing area. Wear gloves to shield your hands from any potential chemical reactions. Try switching from synthetic to cotton clothing. How to polish aluminum wheels by hand? Or what should know when diy aluminum polishing? To protect your eyes, put on sunglasses or goggles. Ensure that the space is messy and well-ventilated. Instead of an adjacent room, an open location is advised for flash aluminum polish. Contact Binic to know more about how to polish pitted aluminum wheels and learn more about aluminum polishing techniques.


It is not such difficult to polish aluminum wheels to look like chrome, but it takes time to shine aluminum polish. To begin, thoroughly clean the surface of the aluminum. Then using a metal polish, rub the aluminum until it is shining. Finally, to protect the finish, apply a coat of wax or sealer. Using Binic sandpaper and sanding discs to polish aluminum wheels to look like chrome, will save you time to shine aluminum polish.