Concrete grinding wheel-How do I grind the concrete floor?

Concrete floors have been classified as industrial land and heavy public spaces, but due to the recent “industrial revolution” in decorative trends, this durable and low maintenance floor option is now firmly established as the most fashionable and popular. The choice of one of the floors of the floor.

Creating a smooth, shiny concrete floor is not difficult, even for non-professionals. However, although concrete grinders are easy to use, they come in many different sizes and functions, so choosing the right equipment for your specific application is critical.

If you plan to rent a concrete grinder, please select the supplier carefully. You need to a) choose the equipment that best suits your job, and b) have the skills and technical knowledge to achieve the desired finish – so look for a concrete equipment supplier that is really interested in helping you achieve your goals and support them. Products with friendly resources, such as the “How To” guide.

At the same time, here are some basic information about how concrete grinders work and how concrete floors should be ground.

Step 1 – Evaluation

Take the time to assess the condition of the concrete surface.

Step 2 – Preparation

Sweep and wipe the area to remove any loose dust or dirt.

Step 3 – Using a concrete grinder

Concrete grinders work by using concrete grinding wheels in which diamond pellets of resin or metal matrix are embedded. They rotate horizontally to smooth and polish the floor surface. Concrete grinding wheels have a variety of wear resistance, bond hardness, shape and diamond concentration to meet a variety of functions. For example, grit can be used to remove and remove stains, grease, paints and other paints, flatten uneven areas or seams and light texture, while fine sandpaper can be used for smooth, smooth, polished surfaces.

There are many different types of concrete grinders on the market that have multiple functions, so it is necessary to discuss your needs with the equipment rental company to ensure that the machine is suitable for use and that the most suitable accessories are selected. Different power options are available, as well as a built-in water mist system for wet and dry applications, vacuum attachments and skirts for dust-free grinding, floating heads and adjustable rear wheels.

Step 4 – Polishing

Polished concrete is a process of progressively fine diamond processing on concrete to produce high gloss. There are many ways to polish concrete. In short, there are two ways:

Polished concrete – this is usually a 10-stage process that grinds the concrete to the desired exposure level, then grouts it to fill the pin/air hole, and then applies a densifier/hardener to polish the surface to a very high gloss Up to 1500 or 3000 grit

Semi-polished concrete – sealed. During this process, the concrete is ground to the desired level of exposure and then grouted to fill the pin/air holes, then polished with fine diamond and then sealed to give a “polished concrete appearance.” The sealant used is topically used (not permeable), which means that a layer of sealant is formed on top to provide a polished appearance. The sealer may need to be resealed every 2-3 years, depending on the environment.This is abrasive grinding wheel manufacturers


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