Different of Dry sandpaper and Water sandpaper

Water sandpaper is also called water sandpaper, water-resistant sandpaper. As the name suggests, it is sandpaper that can be sanded with water.

The grit material of water sandpaper is generally silicon carbide, and the paper base is generally kraft paper. There are also relatively high-end ones, such as imported water sandpaper, many of which are based on latex paper. The characteristics of latex paper are good flexibility and stronger surface adhesion of sand grains, so the sand paper is more durable, the grains are more uniform, and the polishing effect is better.

The space between the sand grains of the water sandpaper is smaller, and the broken eyebrows of the items are also smaller, and the debris will flow out with the water when it is thrown together with water, so as to maintain the sharpness of the surface of the sandpaper. If you take water sandpaper and dry magic suitable products, the broken eyebrows will adhere to the gaps of the sand grains, so that the surface of the sandpaper will be sharpened without grinding force. So that it can not achieve the effect of its use. Water sandpaper is widely used in hardware processing, stone grinding, mold processing, automobile surface grinding, wall putty grinding, paint removal, rust removal and other industries and types of work.

Dry sandpaper is also called dry sandpaper. Compared with water sandpaper, the gap between the sand grains of dry sandpaper is larger, and the product debris is also larger. During the use process, due to the large gap, the product debris will fall off by itself, so it does not need to be used with water. . The sand grains of the sandpaper are generally high-quality silicon carbide, and the paper base is generally made of latex paper, so they have better flexibility, better heat dissipation during use, and are not prone to clogging.

Advantages of dry grinding: 1. Shorten the time of the grinding process and reduce the labor intensity of the painter. 2. Reduce the program time for cleaning the body surface. It omits multiple drying times, simplifies the repair process, and makes it easier to ensure the quality of spray paint. 3. Reduce the number of rework caused by unstable paint quality. Say goodbye to sewage, save water, protect the environment, and protect the health of employees.


Thousands of sandpaper are widely used in wood processing, precision mold grinding, stone processing, synthetic material processing, metal processing and other industries and types of work, especially in wood processing and mold grinding industries.