Expert advice on diamond grinding cup wheel for a wide range of applications

The diamond grinding cup wheel has a concave and edge-facing grinding plate. Although they are not classified as abrasive blades, they are also coated with diamonds. No, these tools do not cut incisions or penetrate concrete or any other hard material. Switch to the contour of the diamond grinding cup wheel and the perforated sanding surface will be washed or polished. It turns out that the load of the application requires such a tool solution. They need that kind of surface treatment.

Axially modified blade profile

What if the functional work of the diamond grinding cup wheel cutting tool is rotated 90 degrees? Well, this is how the diamond grinding cup wheel develops. When using the diamond grinding cup wheel, the axis that completes the work starts at the edge of the diamond cup grinding wheel and then tracks the core of the tool down. The angle of attack is switched by 90° so that the tool face can withstand the impact of the impact, and the edge of the disc can be used as a transposed surface grinder. Interestingly, the core is now concave. The shape of the plate is also filled with a circular opening to allow the waste to be discharged. As the surface grinding work progresses, the worn debris is discharged through the rotating air passage. Just like fast moving, the cup can also be used as a power fan, so it absorbs heat when the tool washes the surface.

Diamond grinding cup wheel: Application

The simplest, lowest cost flat diamond grinding cup wheel is equipped with a high coarse sand grade. Sintered adhesives age quickly, while larger embedded diamonds wash away all types of surface coatings. Paint, rust, old layers of stubborn wallpaper, all of these stubborn coatings quickly erode and disappear when eroded by a 120-grain diamond cup-shaped hub. If the tool is running at maximum speed, surface stains will not survive in a short amount of time. Now, what about the other side of the application? Fine grinding work? Unlike the painting or descaling work, these diamond-encrusted edge segments are used to polish the surface of the sheet. For example, an aluminum plate coated with oxide will appear dull, but will illuminate after polishing with a fine-grain diamond grinding cup wheel. Designed to polish marble, quartz,

For wood and softer building materials, contractors insist on using daily sanding tools. They provide enough grinding power. Yes, they will also work on wallpaper and paint. However, for deep-rooted rust spots, we recommend using a diamond grinding cup wheel instead. Then, to finely polish the famous rough materials (such as granite and quartz), the low-granular polishing diamond grinding cup wheel is the right tool. These recessed cores and rotating openings are made of hard, tough grit particles that consume polishing heat and coarse waste.

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