Flap Disc Operation and Inspection Regulations

1. Slitting and slicing

1.1. Slitting inspection: The emery cloth strips separated by the slitting machine should ensure that the strip width is uniform and consistent, and it is required to reduce the generation of burrs as much as possible. The divided strips should be neatly coiled and placed according to category.

1.2. Slicing inspection: It should be ensured that the slicer works under the condition that the abrasive cloth can be completely cut off, and frequent grinding of the movable knife and the position replacement of the fixed white steel knife are required (provisionally cut 2 rolls of abrasive cloth to replace and adjust once, depending on It depends on the specific situation), so that it has a better cutting edge, increase its cutting performance, keep the appearance of the cut piece neat, and avoid the occurrence of burrs as much as possible.

2. Pendulum molding

2.1. Swinging requirements: During the swinging process, try to ensure that the gauges in the mold are centered and well spaced, and basically enter the die slot. During the swinging process, push the pieces as uniformly as possible, and try to push the specified number of pieces at one time. .

2.2. Requirements for the whole piece: the whole piece should first be pushed into place according to the requirements of 2.1 and the designated tool of the mold-the pressing ring, the groove piece is pressed, and then the distance between the pieces is adjusted with tweezers to make it as uniform and Lightly tap the edge of the bar with a square bar to make it as center-aligned as possible and keep the edge straight up and down. The entire percussion process requires striving for uniformity and high frequency.

2.3 Requirements for glue matching and glue application

2.3.1. Glue mixing requirements: first weigh the raw materials according to the mixing ratio, put them in a constant temperature water bath that reaches the set temperature, heat and stir until they are even and no lump, then pour into the designated plastic bag.

2.3.2. Glue requirements: cut the appropriate amount of plastic bag equipped with glue in 3.1, squeeze hard on the rotating net cover supported by the rotating tray, the position of the glue should be 2~3mm outside the middle of the net cover , The whole process remains

2.4. Forming: Put the mesh cover in 2.3.2 into the groove piece in 2.2 and press tightly. Then turn over the mold, take out the semi-finished product of the formed impeller, check whether the gauge piece is in place, and whether the distance between the pieces is uniform.

3. Hardening

3.1 Hardening requirements: Put the semi-finished products of the impeller string into the hardening square furnace, set the temperature to 0℃, and harden the time for 4 hours.

3.2 Outgoing inspection: Sampling to inspect the finished products for appearance uniformity, rotation strength and grinding performance.