Safety operation rules for angle grinder

Angle grinder is an abrasive tool used for FRP cutting and grinding. Angle grinder is a portable power tool that uses FRP cutting and grinding, mainly used for cutting, grinding and brushing metal and stone.

Operation rules of angle grinder:

1. With protective goggles.

2. After turning on the switch, wait until the grinding wheel rotates stably before working.

3. Long-haired employees must tie up their hair first.

4. The cutting direction should not be towards people.

5. Stop for fifteen minutes after working continuously for half an hour.

6. Do not grasp the small parts by hand to process with the angle grinder.

7. When working at height, the platform or ladder underfoot must be stable.

8.Check the defects and possible problems of the angle grinder.

Inspection method: directly observe the surface of the grinding disc and the cutting blade for cracks and other problems.

9. Keep both hands in operation when grinding.

10. Grinding discs that can not be used include: no mark, no clear mark, the use can not be verified, and there is a defect.

11. Check the safety cover before use is safe and reliable.

12. When grinding edges and corners, do not use too much force. Place an angle grinder to rebound and hurt people.

13. Consciously clean the working environment after the work is completed.

Maintenance and maintenance of angle grinder:

1. Always check whether the power cord is firmly connected, whether the plug is loose, and whether the switch is flexible and reliable.

2. Check whether the carbon brushes are worn too short, and replace the carbon brushes in time to prevent excessive sparks or burned armature due to poor contact of the carbon brushes.

3. Pay attention to check that the inlet and outlet of the tool must not be blocked, and remove oil and dust from any part of the tool.

4. Grease should be added in time.

5. Check the marks of the angle grinder. The angle grinders that can not be used are: no mark, no clear mark, no verification, no matter whether there is a defect.

6. Check the shortcomings of the angle grinder.

There are two kinds of inspection methods:

Visual inspection, directly observe the surface of the angle grinder for cracks and other problems;

Percussion inspection, which is the inside of the main angle grinder for inspection. The method is to hit the angle grinder with a mallet.

If there is no problem with the angle grinder, it should be a clear sound, if other sounds indicate a problem.

Note on the use of angle grinder:

The angle grinder is designed for grinding, and the sawing and cutting functions are not the designer’s original intention. Because of the high speed of the angle grinder, the saw blade is used, and the cutting blade cannot be pressed hard, and the hard material that is more than 20mm thick cannot be cut, otherwise, once stuck, it will cause the saw blade, cutting blade to shatter and splash, or the machine pops out , Light damage items, serious injuries!

Please choose a high-quality saw blade with more than 40 teeth, and keep both hands in operation to take protective measures.