Floor polishing – why use better abrasive sanding discs to save money

We do have a lot of customers paying for abrasive sanding discs on floor sandpaper at very cheap prices, and wondering if it makes sense to spend more on better industrial products? The short answer is yes.

Now, long answer…

Better belt/grinding wheel cutting faster
Our customers buy from us because industrial brands such as norton sanding discs, Awuko and SAIT Abrasives have proven that they can stand out from the competition. Their cost may be more expensive than your cheaper floor polish, but having better quality abrasive sanding discs allows you to get the job done faster – so you can save on short-term and long-term costs!

Better abrasive sanding discs will last longer
Cheap abrasive sanding discs are often duller (such as alumina or even cheaper zirconia), so customers will eventually buy more belts/discs. Using more material means more belt/disc replacement = downtime. Dowtime = spend more money. Investing in better abrasive sanding discs will reduce downtime and save a lot of time. Customers using current BINIC can polish more flooring with a single belt compared to standard zirconia belts from competitors. If you want a more cost-effective solution, our sanding disc has a higher zirconia content than other brands and therefore has a longer service life.

Better abrasive sanding discs leave less spin marks
Our floor polishers from the United States swear that the use of higher quality branded abrasive sanding discs for floor grinding, as they produce fewer vortex traces, thus reducing their workload, which means less cleaning before polishing. .

Talk to one of our BINIC sales teams (via live live chat or via contact form) and they will be happy to advise you on floor sanding customers to help you improve the floor grinding process. We convert special abrasive sanding discs into belts and discs for all types of flooring, including but not limited to hardwood floors, pine floors, sports/gym floors, floral floors, waxed surfaces and much more!

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