Floor sanding disc for floor buffer-Everything you need to know about floor grinding and polishing

Floor sanding and polishing guide

Do you miss the new, smooth and unstained floor of the house? Are you making hard stains due to chemicals, rough and dull stones? Don’t worry, these problems can be easily solved with the ground sanding service.

The challenge is not only to remove these ugly stains, but also to polish the floor to make it shine. Let’s take a look at the steps of floor polishing.

table of Contents:
Step 1: Prepare
Step 2: Floor polishing
Step 3: Polishing and scrubbing
Step 4: Crystallization
Step 1: Prepare
Pour water into the white bucket of a single disk unit for floor sanding. The purpose of the water is to lubricate the sanding disc for floor buffer and aid in the sanding process.

The sanding disc for floor buffer is stuck on the base of the grinder. These pads gently remove a few layers of stone from the floor to reveal the fresh shiny stones below.
They are assigned a number based on their ability to cut or remove the floor. The smaller the number, the better the cutting ability. The higher the number, the better the polishing ability.

Initially, the lowest numbered sand will stick to the base of the grinder.

Floor abrasives bonded to a single-disc machine

Step 2: Ground sanding

Using floor diamond sanding disc

Once the abrasive particles are attached to the base, the machine starts and begins the sanding process.

Initially, the minimum amount of grit is used to remove the top layer of the stone and then finely polished using a higher numbered grit pad.

What is the achievement?
Remove hard dirt and even floors.
When the grinder starts working, a layer of fresh stone is exposed.
The size of the grinder varies depending on the stain. For stubborn stains, a hand-held grinder can be used.

The floor sanding process is still the same for all types of stone floors, although some accessories may vary.

Step 3: Polishing and scrubbing
Polishing: The purpose of floor polishing is to make the surface smooth and shiny.

Scrubbing: Refers to the massage and polishing of the floor to make it more luminous.

First, the floor polishing pad is attached to a single angle grinder sanding disc backing pad player to scrub the floor to eliminate whiteness caused by sanding.

Then, sprinkle some Polish powder on the floor before polishing.

Do not leave the polishing powder on the floor for too long as it is highly reactive and can cause stains.

Finally, attach the scrubbing pad to the machine base and scrub the floor again for better gloss.

Step 4: Crystallization
During this process, the floor is scrubbed with a crystallization agent to enhance its gloss. As the crystallization progresses, the entire process of floor sanding and polishing ends.

impressive! Is it not only the stains are removed, but the floor is brighter than before!

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