Grinding discs for concrete-Health and safety risks of concrete cutting

Concrete cutting
Our first skill is to hire a professional and do not operate this device unless you have experience.

Wear the appropriate earmuffs! The increased noise generated by the cutting saw used in concrete cutting can have a detrimental effect on your hearing.

Don’t cut it alone! Working alone or without the attention of others monitoring equipment can greatly increase the risk. In the event of an accident and you work alone, it will be difficult to issue an alert or ask for help.

Uneven or wet surfaces can increase the risk of falling and can harm yourself or those around you. This can also damage the quality of the concrete cut. Uneven surfaces also increase the risk of kickback.

Rebound, push back or pull in: The abrasive cutoff saw is a large, powerful and clumsy kit that can suddenly rebound and cause injury. If the force is particularly large, you can also tighten the device with a wrench from the operator’s hand or its accessories, and then let the saw run freely, which can cause serious damage.

Cutting the line can cause the saw to be pinched or bitten, causing backlash or other movements that can be extremely damaging to materials and personnel handling the equipment.

Toxic fumes: If the operating area is poorly ventilated, toxic fumes (such as carbon monoxide) from the device can cause serious breathing problems.

Concrete usually wraps cables, gas or water pipes, and care should be taken to avoid cutting when cutting concrete. Please pay attention to the power cord of the device you are using, as it may be caused by accidental disconnection.

Grinding discs for concrete wear, wear or damage: The material should be cut with a suitable grinding discs for concrete to avoid blunt diamond surfaces. If the grinding discs for concrete is worn or damaged, the vibration of the device during use can cause the debris to shatter, fly away or break, which is life-threatening.

Dangerous dust: During the cutting process, a large amount of dust will accumulate. Water can be used to cool the device and allow dust to enter the grooves and surrounding areas of the slit. However, always wear appropriate safety gear and a high quality mask/respirator.

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