How Much Do You Know About Flap Disc

The flap disc is a simplified product of the thousand impellers, which is mainly used for grinding and polishing in industrial production and is also a kind of industrial consumable product. It is also a kind of industrial consumable product. The base of the impeller is made of mesh, nylon, plastic, steel paper, etc. The number of sheets varies and is evenly distributed in a fan shape. The particle size is 36#-400#, 60#, and 80# are the most common, the outer diameter is 4″-7″, and it is installed in the angle grinder. It is used for grinding and grinding of welding seams and positive edge burrs. It can be used with cymbals. The grinding wheel is interchangeable and has the advantages of good elasticity, high efficiency, good heat dissipation, and low noise. It can replace the resin cymbal grinding wheel. It has strong elasticity, high tensile and flexural strength, good self-sharpening, and a grinding rate. High and low noise, suitable for grinding the welding seam and the flash of stamping parts in the box. Mainly used in grinding and polishing of various stainless steel and carbon steel structural parts.

The Product Performance Of The Flap Disc Is As Follows:

  1. Flap disc, which is mainly installed on hand-held power toolslike metal cutting grinderfor grinding and polishing welding seams, burrs, chamfers, surface rust removal, surface polishing, etc. of various metal and non-metallic parts, and bonded abrasive resin grinding wheels. And you could use it with wire brush grinder wheel together. Compared with the one-time grinding and polishing, the operation time is shortened, the grinding cost is saved, and the grinding efficiency is improved. The abrasive self-sharpening is strong and the utilization rate is high. Therefore, it is widely used in various industries or fields of manufacturing.
  2. The cutting force of the louver is very strong, the heat resistance/sand and the cloth are consumed synchronously, and the service life is 3-4 times longer than that of the products in the same industry.


It can be used for various types of surface rust removal, paint removal, burr removal, and welding seam grinding of metal and non-metallic materials in shipbuilding, automobile, aviation, machinery, instrumentation, bridge and construction industries and furniture.



This sharing hopes to help you know more about flap disc. If you want to know more  about flap disc and other grinder tool or grinder tool uses, please contact the professional abrasive manufacturer BINIC Abrasives.