How to adjust the height of the 2 wheel board australia?

For maximum efficiency, the dust seal should contact the work surface at the same time or earlier than the 2 wheel board australial to form a face seal. This is the look of the final installation. Please note that in this photo, the wheel is slightly below the skirt of the dust mask.

There are two ways to get the best relationship between the 2 wheel board australia and the grinding surface.

2 wheel board australia can come in many varieties and thicknesses.

The most common way to adjust the height of the dust removal door is to trim the upright fingers with scissors.

If sufficient adjustments cannot be made by trimming the upright fingers, each additional mandrel ring can be used for further adjustment. They are made of fiberglass-filled ABS plastic and are designed to enter the mandrel before the 2 wheel board australia is installed. They have 5/8 IDs, each with a thickness ranging from 0.125 inches to 0.250 inches.

The mandrel rings can be used alone or in combination.

After determining the correct mandrel ring combination and placing it on the mandrel, place the 2 wheel board australia on the mandrel. Now you can start dust-free grinding with a dust mask.

All dust collection product dust collectors will work effectively with an industrial vacuum (Nacecare 570 vacuum) with at least 90 inches of static lift, 100 CFM airflow and replaceable filter bags.

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