How to choose the right grinding wheel diamond according to the depth of cut

Grinding wheel diamond are expensive, so there is not enough room for trial and error testing. In addition, it is not a fully professional workflow to see the tool operator choose the grinding wheel diamond at will. No, passenger-level expertise requires pre-planning, rather than blind action. Therefore, if you want to achieve the required depth of cut, you must first address the following challenges. Let’s start with the rim geometry of a grinding wheel diamond with deep functionality.

Sectional rims cut deeper

After all, this is just common sense. Continuous rim grinding wheel diamond cut clean, fine edges, but usually do not get darker. The segmented rim operates at a lower temperature and is designed to be automatically removed as the chips enter. The cooled water flow further contributes to this action. Ok, keep this principle in mind, let’s add some more in-depth features. The increase in diamond density, the change in the size and height of the segments, and the matching of the geometry between the rim sectors, all of these grinding wheel diamond properties help the tool sink deeper into the hardened ultra-dense material block.

Operator-controllable deep cutting factor

Responsible for penetrating cutting work is the equipment used by the responsible contractor for deep cutting. It is fitted with a large diameter grinding wheel diamond. It also provides enough power for the tool spindle. Keep in mind that when cutting a grinding wheel diamond, the surface of the grinding wheel diamond will rub against the hard material, so a high-torque machine is essential. The cooling medium is accompanied by a segmented rim because a large amount of frictional energy is generated during deep cutting. The dry diamond cutting tools will not cut so deep that it will not only age the blade, but will also generate enough grinding wheel diamond break heat to affect the cutting area.

Adjustable cutting depth of the device

In general, the grinding wheel diamond is equipped with many cutting functions. For deep work, the size of the grinding wheel diamond, its fan-shaped geometry and disc thickness ensure a worry-free entrance that will sink deep. However, the equipment operator makes a lot of contributions before the tool starts working. When reviewing the manual, he adjusted the feed rate to match the forward RPM of the device to the selected grinding wheel diamond. By the way, even a deep incision is done at a time. Even if the correct grinding wheel diamond is installed and the high torque equipment motor is running, the process must be carried out in stages. Multi-step passes are often used when performing deep penetration cutting tasks.

The correct grinding wheel diamond for deep cutting operations has suitable rim geometry and grinding wheel diamond width. It is properly tensioned and therefore does not warp when it is required to penetrate dense concrete blocks. Similarly, other related functions have been added in consideration of polymeric materials and refractive materials. These include slotted, high quality synthetic diamonds and a stronger steel core.

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