How to install and use grinding wheel?

1. Before installing and using the grinding wheel, it must be visually inspected, depending on whether it has cracks or damage, and hit the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer, the sound should be crisp. Before use, the rotation test should be carried out according to the GB/T2493 standard, otherwise, the use is strictly prohibited .

2. The spindle speed on the machine tool must be checked before installation, and the working speed marked on the grinding wheel must not be exceeded.

3. Only special nut wrenches are allowed to tighten the grinding wheel, and must be tightened gradually and sequentially on the opposite sides of the main shaft in a symmetrical manner. The nut should be tightened properly. It is forbidden to use supplementary fixtures or tapping tools. Turn off the coolant to avoid unbalance of the grinding wheel .

5. The cooperation between the grinding wheel aperture and the grinding wheel spindle and chuck should comply with GB4674 standard.

6. The newly installed grinding wheel must be idling at the working speed with the protective cover at the following times: a grinding wheel with an outer diameter <400 mm is not less than 2 minutes, and a grinding wheel with an outer diameter ≥400 mm is not less than 5 minutes. , The operator should not stand in front of the grinding wheel or tangential direction.

7. Grinding wheels that are not specifically used for end face grinding (such as parallel grinding wheels) should not be ground with the grinding wheel end surface, nor are grinding wheels that are not exclusively used for external grinding (such as bowl-shaped and cup-shaped grinding wheels). Grinding to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking.

8. When the grinding wheel is grinding the workpiece, it is forbidden to push the workpiece with the lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel.

9. For thin grinding wheels and cymbal-shaped grinding wheels, when cutting, if the force is too strong, it is easy to cause the grinding wheel to stall and smash the grinding wheel phenomenon, resulting in damage to the grinding wheel. When cutting workpieces, multiple pieces cannot be stacked and cut to prevent accidents.