Grinding machine safety technical operation regulations

1. The protective cover and protective plate (or protective net) of the grinder should be in good condition.
2. The grinder must be managed by the person in charge, and be checked and refueled frequently to ensure normal operation.
3. Goggles must be worn during use. Those who are not familiar with the operation cannot use the grinder.
4. Before starting the grinder, carefully check for impurities between the grinder and the protective cover. After confirming that there are no problems, start the grinder.
5. When the grinder blade is seriously worn, the grinding wheel shaft is shaking, there is no tool holder and the installation does not meet the safety requirements, it is not allowed to start.
6 When replacing a new grinding wheel, it must be carefully checked. The grinding wheel with cracks, damage, improper fit of the grinding wheel shaft and the grinding wheel hole, or dampness is not allowed to be used.
7. When replacing the screw on the grinding wheel, apply force evenly, use the appropriate tension, and add pad to balance, and after trimming, balance and comparison, it can be used.
8. After the grinding wheel is started, it should be idle for two to three minutes. It can be used only after it runs normally.
9. The distance between the bracket and the grinding wheel surface should not be greater than 5 mm.
10. When sanding the workpiece or tool, do not use excessive force or hit the grinding wheel.
11. On the same grinding wheel, it is forbidden for two people to use it at the same time, and it is forbidden to sand on the side of the grinding wheel. During the sanding operation, the operator is not allowed to have groceries inside the front of the grinding machine.
12. The special grinding wheel used for sanding tools is not allowed to sand other workpieces and materials.
13. The wheel is not allowed to get wet, and it should be stored on the rack to keep it dry.
14. The power supply should be cut off immediately after the operation. Pneumatic grinder should immediately turn off the wind source power.