How to remove welding spatters – choose the right abrasive wheel!

As an experienced welder, manufacturer and metal processing plant, you will know that you should pay more attention to newly welded joints just after removing the molten material droplets (often called “weld splashes”).

In the post-treatment process, the following abrasive wheel product lines are usually available:

Non-woven abrasive disc – a 3D composed of reticulated synthetic fibers

Coated abrasive disc – proposed overlap bonding to a central hub of abrasive material

Coated Abrasive Fiber Dish – A Common Method for Grinding Metals When Resilience Is Needed

Cutting and abrasive wheel – for heavy cutting and cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials

However, which abrasive wheel product line should you choose to eliminate weld spatter?

Removing the weld spatter does not have to be a laborious process. Non-woven abrasive wheels work well in cleaning up annoying mess! Composed of fibrous nylon material, resin binder and high quality ceramic abrasive – the combination of grain and fiber provides a seamless cutting process. It is important that the abrasive wheels adhere easily to the points of contact, creating a pleasant smooth cutting experience (yes, pleasing!).

Abrasive wheels are also excellent for handling hard-to-reach welds and applications that require a decorative surface finish.

what are you waiting for?

The choice of non-woven abrasive discs removes the slag from norton abrasive wheels. BINIC Abrasives is the world’s largest commercial application, manufacturer and supplier of automotive refinish and home abrasives.

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