How To Select Best Wholesale Abrasive Cutting Disc?


Looking for a good deal on resin bonded wholesale abrasive cutting disc? Generally, the masonry cutting wheel angle grinder needs to go through the production steps of mixing, pressure forming, drying, sintering, shaping, balance testing, hardness testing, and blasting test. The main structure of the cutting wheel 4 inch includes abrasives, pores, and resin bonds.

  1. Grit Size And Cutting Or Grinding Efficiency

The grit size of the cutting disc, the formulation of the abrasive and the selection of the bonds, the hardness and porosity of the cutting wheel for metal will directly affect the use of the thin grinding wheel. According to the cutting and grinding experience, the cutting and grinding force of the metal cutting disc for grinder is relatively small when the abrasive grit size is small. Choose a angle grinder wheel with a suitable grit size according to the cutting and grinding object.

  1. Cutting And Grinding Process Of Metal Cutting Disc

The cutting and grinding process is the interaction between the 7 inch cut off wheel and the object. The effect between the abrasive particles and the object material. During the process of cutting and grinding, which includes not only the scraping between the abrasive particles and the object, but also the high-speed collision between the abrasive particles and the object.


When the cut off wheel disc is working, it is in complete contact with the object, the abrasive particles are randomly distributed on the surface of the wholesale abrasive cutting disc, the cutting and grinding speed and the temperature between the stainless steel cut off wheel and object are high, and the material properties presented under such high strain and high temperature are particularly complex. , so it is necessary to observe the stability of the 14 inch abrasive cutoff wheels in cutting and grinding through experiments.


  1. The Choose Of Best Cut Off Wheel

The selection of the best cut off wheel is based on the cutting and grinding material. For example, when cutting and grinding materials with relatively high hardness, aluminum cut off wheels need to be selected. On the contrary, when cutting and grinding materials with low strength, sillicon carbide cut off wheel need to be selected. The grit size of the 9 inch cut off wheel is also a factor to be considered. When the cutting and grinding accuracy is required, a fine grit size is selected. When the contact surface area between the 5 inch cut off wheels and the object is relatively large, a coarse grit size is selected.


According to the above analysis of the composition of the cut off wheel for stainless steel, the manufacturing process of the cut off wheel tools, and the working process, it can be known that in the actual cutting process, we must fully consider the actual conditions and select the wholesale abrasive cutting disc. Contact cutting off wheel supplier- Binictools for wholesale abrasive cutting disc.