Choosing The Right Grinding Wheel

The grinding wheel contains the abrasive required for grinding and grinding operations. This kind of grinding wheel is also used for grinding machines. abrasive disc cutter are usually made of composite materials. This includes coarse aggregates, pressed and bonded together by a cementitious matrix to form a solid circle. Depending on the purpose of the wheel, various shapes and cross sections can be used. They can also be made of solid steel or aluminum discs in which particles adhere to the surface.

The resin grinding wheel is a mixture of resin and abrasive particles. The abrasive acts and wears the metal as it contacts the metal surface, while the adhesive holds the abrasive in place and helps the wheel maintain its shape. Abrasives vary in strength and hardness. Selecting the right composition of wheels for applications and materials will ensure consistent results and continuous efficiency.

Grinders also play an important role in the selection of grinding wheels. cutting disc for grinder have different outer diameters to suit different sizes of grinding machines. The inside diameter is also important. The wheel is connected to the angle grinder on the spindle, which is called the spindle. The spindle dimensions are different, and it is precisely matched with the grinding wheel to ensure a firm fit.

Grinding wheels are made of several types of abrasive materials, from aluminum oxide (the softest and most common aluminum oxide) to the hardest and most expensive diamond. Most best metal cutting wheel for angle grinder are manufactured by mixing abrasive with adhesive and then placing the mixture in a mold to obtain the desired shape.

The shape of grinding wheel can be roughly divided into five types:

  • flat
  • inclined plane (double inclined plane, single inclined plane),
  • dish,
  • bowl

Flat grinding wheel is widely used. They can grind plane, excircle, groove, etc., and can form various shapes for grinding according to actual needs. Disc and bowl wheel are usually used to grind various tools and cutting tools, such as drill and milling cutter. The cup wheel can be used for many purposes. In addition, the bowl wheel can also be used for vertical grinding. There are many types of grinding wheels with handles (such as those used in electric grinders). The grinding wheel can be made into various shapes to meet different requirements.

Main factors for wheel selection

In addition to abrasive and wheel shape, the main factors for wheel selection are particle size, bond type and bond hardness. The workpiece material determines the abrasive, wheel shape and bonding type. Gravel size and bond hardness are usually selected based on surface finish requirements and material hardness. Small batch environments usually use one type of grinding wheel and adjust grinding parameters to achieve success, because cycle time and wheel wear changes are not a problem. Mass production like automobile manufacturing requires repeatable performance, which can only be achieved in a long development time.


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