Keep these grinding wheel sharp…

This is something that is easy to ignore, but it is an essential part of the turning process. Very dry wood can passivate a chisel in a matter of seconds, so it is important to know the 2 inch grinding wheel.

A properly sharpened chisel will have a perfect bevel without any flat spots or ridges. The trick is to maintain this profile even after numerous passes through the grindstone. I used to think that once I sharpened my chisel, I could spend a whole day! However, I quickly discovered that the wood has all the passivating properties – dirty bark, hard knots and one or two strange nails that quickly damage the cutting edge.3 16 to 3 8 chainsaw grinding wheel forum

It is almost possible to grind all my tools with a bench grinder. I will review it in the short term. One side of the grinder has a 40mm wide alumina wheel, which is an essential tool for grinding turning tools. The other 7 inch grinding wheel is made of a coarser compound. It can be used for forming and contour analysis, but it is too rough for sharpening.

I always check the condition of the 3 inch grinding wheel before using the machine. They can often become unbalanced and need to be trimmed with specific tools. You can use a trim or 4 inch grinding wheel

When sharpening, I tilt the chisel at an angle so that the cutting tip points to one side. This helps to maintain good edges as I roll the bevel over the 5 inch grinding wheel. The key is to align the bevel of the chisel with the surface of the 6 diamond grinding wheel so that uniform grinding can be performed once through the entire surface. However, this is easier said than done, and I actually only mastered some things! Separating tools is much easier – just start with the repair tool and grind until you can see the tip contact. Repeat this step on the other side.

I just have a docker outside the workshop that can be used to grind the tool after grinding – I can’t say for sure whether it will harden the steel, but it does make it easier to hold!

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