Potential problems in black diamond wheels: What is going on?

Undercutting occurs when the black diamond wheels core wears faster than its diamond coating wears. As the abrasive slurry builds up, it corrodes the steel pan. Industrial grade gemstones, although tough, are mainly found on diamond inserts used in asphalt and/or concrete cutting applications. When the metal core is worn, nothing can be retained. Since this problem is concentrated directly below the black diamond wheels portion, there is a risk that these toothed rim portions will break.

Describe the danger of undercut

The road asphalt project is so abrasive that the center of the black diamond wheels has worn out. In a similar work, the rough but wear-resistant edges of the green concrete wall wiped the surface of the black diamond wheels core. Either way, the undercut effect is concentrated directly below the black diamond wheels teeth. These long-lasting parts may disappear as the core erosion accelerates. To make matters worse, as the steel black diamond wheels eventually penetrates the sidewalk or the road surface, the underlying rock bottom layer further exacerbates the problem. Even if the coarser layer does not cause further core corrosion, it is likely to trigger a segmental break which will cause the entire cutting operation to be in an expensive standstill.

Solve the problem of undercutting black diamond wheels

As the work progresses on the abrasive surface, the problem freely reveals its properties. The rim is exposing a new diamond, so the diamond sharpening wheels is easy to get the job done. However, as the focus shifted, the issue was clarified. Below the rim, the area under the black diamond wheels portion is thinned into a knife edge. If the operator applies only a little more tool pressure, or encounters a rougher concrete edge, even the temporary, the weakest part will be cut off. Once an edge-breaking event occurs, an expensive black diamond wheels becomes industrial waste once it can cut through the toughest, most abrasive material known to man. The good news is that since this is a known issue, the problem does have a known solution. To prevent core corrosion problems, black diamond wheels are equipped with undercut protection.

Core wear, also commonly referred to as the “blade” effect, usually occurs below the knife segment, so an undercut guard is attached to it. Of course, a small amount of disc corrosion is unavoidable, but if this function is included, the black diamond wheels corrosion can be reduced. Look for steel core black diamond wheels with this surface protection property. It can exist as a recessed core or as a series of suitable inserts. By the way, the concave shape is easy to identify. The edge of the edge is more pronounced and the core surface is concave. For insert type solutions, look carefully at the rims and segments to see the undercut inserts.

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