Safety advice for using flap wheel abrasive

How to handle and store flap wheel abrasive?
1: All flap wheel abrasive are fragile. They should be handled with care.

2: The baffle should be stored on a flat, hard surface to avoid moisture, frost or temperature changes.

3: Use the earliest flap wheel abrasive (“first in, first out”).

How to install the flap wheel abrasive on the machine?

1: Operate in strict accordance with the instructions in the machine manual.

2: Do not install flanges that are too loose or too tight.

3: Correct alignment of the outer flange

4: Tighten only with the tools supplied with the machine.

5: Make sure the flap wheel abrasive is properly gripped to prevent slipping, but do not use excessive force. Never use a hammer.

6: Keep flanges and threads clean, free of burrs and rust.

7: Replace the deformed or damaged flange before installing the zirconia flap disc.

How to protect yourself?

1: eye protection (glass)

2: ear protectors (ears)

3: Hand protection (gloves)

4: lung protection (dust mask, also known as respirator)

5: Never remove the machine cover and make sure it has been properly adjusted to keep debris away from you.

6: Make sure that no one else is at risk, especially where you are close to the machine at work.

How to handle the flap wheel abrasive after use?

1: Before storing the machine or transporting it to another location, be sure to remove the flap wheel abrasive and store it as recommended.

2: Always check the flap wheel abrasive for damage or defects and destroy and discard if damaged.

3: Do not put worn flap wheel abrasiveon smaller machines. Destroy them.

4: When dealing with worn or defective flap wheel abrasive, it is recommended to damage them to prevent others from taking them out of the waste and reusing them.

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