Sanding Disc Cleaner-Why is a clean sanding disc so effective?

Sanding disc cleaner are specially designed to remove rust, coating and any surface contaminants without removing the base material (steel, stainless steel, plastic and wood) to remove stains from the surface and keep them clean and tidy. surface.

These discs are made of very strong non-woven fibers and are embedded with coarse-grained silicon carbide. This mixture creates sharp, effective abrasive particles in an open structure, so no matter which product you are cleaning by sanding disc cleaner, it won’t clog.

Open mesh structure reduces rework and lasts longer.
Like conventional discs, the risk of cutting or cutting into a matte metal surface is reduced because open web fibers are specifically designed to remove only the upper surface of the surface. This saves a lot of time and increases productivity.
The open mesh structure provides a cooler removal and does not block, so the cutting effect is maintained throughout the life of the disc.
It is safer to use non-woven fibers.
Sanding disc cleaner can be used with a single disc on a corner grinder or a wheel on a spindle.
It is safer than wire brushes and is made of non-woven fabric, thus reducing the risk of scattered flying leads causing injury to other people in the workplace.
Due to the open mesh and no-load design, it will dissipate heat and help reduce warp, burning and discoloration.

There are two main types of cleaning and stripping by sanding disc cleaner:
Black is softer, more flexible, and more suitable for shape or light work.
Purple is stronger and harder, allowing for faster removal and longer life.

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