Selection and use of abrasive power tools

Granular selection

Particle size is the size of a batch of particles. The choice should be based on three aspects: machining finishing, grinding efficiency and abrasive wear. The particle size of the superabrasive is smaller than that of the ordinary abrasive. In principle, it is preferred to use as large a particle size as possible to increase the efficiency of addition, on the basis of meeting the requirements of the finishing agent. The resin was mixed with bright crystals to select a fine particle size of 100/120. The metal key should be selected from 45 / 50-230 / 270 particle size.

Binder selection

The material of the bonded abrasive is referred to as a binder.

The performance of the adhesive has a large effect on the grinding performance of the superabrasive, which is the key to the choice of abrasive properties.

Resin bonding force: weak bonding force, but self-sharpening, good agglomeration, high grinding efficiency, certain grinding performance, low grinding force, low grinding temperature, easy to trim. It is mainly used for the grinding of workpieces such as semi-finishing, fine grinding, sharpening, polishing and carbide.

Metal bonding: strong bonding, deep drawing, wear resistance, low wear, long service life, can withstand large load grinding, suitable for cutting, rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing and hard for hard and brittle non-metallic materials The alloy workpiece is processed.

Plating bonding: It has a strong bonding force and is usually used to make various shapes, complex and ultra-thin abrasive power tools as well as high-precision abrasive power tools and independent tools. Such as: grinding head, all kinds of oysters, inner discs, etc.

Concentration selection

♦ Fine abrasive can choose lower concentration

♦ Working surface width or molding process generally adopts high concentration

♦ High concentration coarse grinding; medium concentration for fine grinding and semi-finishing; low concentration polishing and high gloss grinding

♦Resin adhesion is generally 50%~75%

♦The concentration of metal bonds is usually 75%~150%

♦Cutting abrasive power tools generally use 25%~100% concentration

Coolant selection

Superabrasives should use coolant as much as possible during the grinding process. This not only cleans the abrasive power tools but also prevents clogging. At the same time, it can improve the processing quality and work stability, and reduce the consumption of abrasive power tools. Commonly used coolants are: kerosene, light motor oil, light diesel oil, mixed oil of engine oil and kerosene, weak alkaline emulsion. The non-metallic material is treated with water as a coolant.

Abrasive polishing

Superabrasives are usually trimmed with ordinary abrasive power tools or oilstones. That is, the ultra-hard abrasive power tools and the flange are placed on the grinder as a trimming workpiece, or the superabrasive power tools is placed on the main shaft of the grinder for grinding and trimming with green silicon. Carbide abrasive power tools. While trimming, a large flow of cooling lubricant is used to promote the cleaning of the chips, and the surface is not easily burned, and a good working surface can be obtained.

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