Tips for choosing the right abrasive grinding wheel

Abrasive grinding wheel grinding wheels are another piece of equipment that may be required in a DIY or construction project. In addition to diamond sanding discs that can effectively cut a variety of materials, you also need aabrasive grinding wheel to polish and grind the concrete. They can also be used to cut hard concrete, marble and granite, and remove coatings or paint.

Having said that, the abrasive grinding wheel can be considered as one of the basic equipment you need for DIY or construction. Here are some tips for choosing the right abrasive grinding wheel:

Consider the hardness of the material you are grinding

Depending on the toughness of the material, the hardness of your abrasive grinding wheel should be considered as a result of high quality. For example, when grinding hard concrete, you need a cup-shaped abrasive grinding wheel with a softer bond. This is because diamonds can become dull and lose edges when grinding hard materials. Conversely, when grinding softer materials, you need a cup gear with a harder bond.

Consider the composition of the abrasive grinding wheel
The abrasive grinding wheel has three main parts. The block of diamond material is called a segment and is connected by solder to a spinning abrasive grinding wheel called a cup. The larger part is suitable for grinding concrete and stone, while the smaller part is suitable for removing glue, paint and epoxy paint from materials.

Consider the grinding process

Generally, there are two types of concrete grinding: coarse grinding and polishing. For the initial rough grinding, a cup-shaped abrasive grinding wheel with a soft bond strength and a high diamond hardness of about 35 to 50 grit should be selected. For polishing, you should switch to hard diamond bonding, which will give you precision. The diamond sand used for polishing should be in the range of 80 to 120. In addition, polishing requires attaching a larger concentration of diamond to the cup.

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