Use the right zec abrasive discs to work

Casing saws are one of the most useful tools in welders and processing plants because they allow users to perform repeated cuts safely and accurately. Whether you are cutting a screw, angle iron, pillar or steel stud, you can be the ideal tool if you use the right, best zec abrasive discs and shredded saw.

BINIC offers one of the most extensive range of enamel zec abrasive discs in the industry. We have seven unique formulations covering a wide range of applications
Today, let’s take a look at how to safely use a saw and which zec abrasive discs is right for your application.

What is a gang saw?
The saw is a basic power tool that allows the operator to precisely cut around the circumference of the zec abrasive discs. The saw has a tailgate (in many cases the baffle can be rotated for a 45 degree bevel) and uses a built-in locking vise.

Usually used on the table or on the ground, the saw is portable and can be easily moved in different locations as needed. Due to their versatility, many welding shops, mechanical contractors and maintenance workshops use cutting saws.

What do I need to know?
Some useful tips can be very helpful in using choppers safely and effectively:

Use the correct zec abrasive discs for the material to be cut (see below for more information)
When installing a new zec abrasive discs, the power plug of the saw must be unplugged and the correct paper-mounted blotter must be between the flange and the zec abrasive discs surface (most tool manufacturers can provide blotting paper)
Before any cutting, the center of the material to be cut should be directly below the center of the cutter on the saw to maximize cutting efficiency and life.
Safety first
As with many abrasive products, misuse of the saw can cause the zec abrasive discs to break and be injured. In addition to complying with ANSI Safety Specification B7.1, which outlines all abrasive cutting and safe operating conditions for the zec abrasive discs, here are some safety tips when using our zec abrasive discs:

Wear appropriate safety personal protective equipment (PPE)
Visually inspect all zec abrasive discs for damage before installation
Never hold the material to be cut in your hand; always use the locking vise
Wait until the zec abrasive discs stops completely, then chop it up
Do not cut, then use the side of the zec abrasive discs to remove burrs from the cut. These zec abrasive discs are only used to cut the outer circumference of the zec abrasive discs! Grinding of the side of the zec abrasive discs can damage the glass fiber reinforced material in the zec abrasive discs, causing the 7 inch sanding disc to break and be injured.
Which zec abrasive discs should I use?
Combining 7 unique formulas, binic has one zec abrasive discs for most common materials used in the workplace:

Designed for professional welders and manufacturers, it can cut a variety of carbon steel materials. The ability to cut angle iron, structural steel channels, pipes and heavy-duty steel bars is ideal for anyone who cuts thicker carbon steel and needs quick cutting.
The use of high-quality zirconium particles and unique bonding is the best choice for very fast, non-binding cutting and maximizing zec abrasive discs life. Z-TECH specializes in cutting carbon steel, but also has the ability to cut stainless steel and high strength alloys.

Made of alumina for fast, burr-free cutting of sharp metals such as metal bars, fine bars, light metals and any other metal with sharp edges.
Designed for stainless steel, high strength alloys and ferrous metals. It has an extremely long service life and a cool cutting effect.

Aluminium: This zec abrasive discs’s special unloaded formulation is ideal for cutting aluminum and other high load non-ferrous metals. When cutting aluminum, loads are common, reducing cutting speed and zec abrasive discs life.

If you cut multiple materials, binic will provide a cold cut and burr-free surface. The universal zec abrasive discs is capable of cutting metal studs, angle irons, fine steel bars and light or thick metals.

This versatile, economical zec abrasive discs is designed for fast cutting of thin metals. It can cut a variety of metals, including metal shavings, fine steel bars and light medium metal.

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