Wire wheel cleaning brush-three tips for extending service life

Wire wheel cleaning brushes are metalworking tools for mixing, cleaning, deburring, edge blending and surface treatment. These industrial brushes can be found in many machine shops, but some metal processors are using them to shorten the life of brush tools.

For example, some users believe that wire wheel cleaning brushes are most effective in “scrubbing” where there is a lot of pressure and friction. However, wire wheel cleaning brushes used in this way will wear out faster. In addition, the wire may break and literally fly through the entire workshop.

For wire wheel cleaning brushes that last longer, follow these tips.
1. Avoid excessive pressure
Use any type of power brush to avoid applying too much pressure. When the filament is excessively bent, heat is generated and the filament breaks. When using a wire wheel cleaning brush, filaments that are subjected to excessive pressure may also become dull quickly, reducing the bristles.

Instead of applying more pressure, try using a more powerful wire wheel cleaning brush or use the tool at a higher speed. BINIC offers crimping and knotting reels for standard and heavy metalworking applications.

2. Use the highest safe speed
When industrial brushes are the right size and type, they work best. These metalworking tools last longer when used at the lowest possible pressure and highest safe speed. When using a wire wheel cleaning brush, increasing the brush speed can increase surface stiffness and brushing.

This is why a thin wire wheel cleaning brush that rotates at the highest possible safe speed can produce the same result as a thick wire wheel cleaning brush that rotates at a lower speed. Thanks to the faster rotation speed and the longer life of the thinner wire wheel cleaning brush, your store can also reduce production costs while achieving high quality results.

3. Reverse direction
Finally, when you use a wire wheel cleaning brush, remember to reverse the direction of rotation periodically. The resulting sharp action can improve performance and extend the life of the brush tool. To reverse the direction of rotation, simply perform the following steps:

Remove the brush from the spindle.
Turn the wire wheel cleaning brush 180 degrees.
Reinstall the brush.

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