3m sanding discs-Specifications to check when purchasing a feed double mill

When people find the best supplier of feed duplex grinders in their markets or online communities and portals, it’s easier to find the perfect thorough feed duplex grinder. The technology used by these mills is fed through them and ground to the micron range. The duplex grinder needs to be set to very good precision for precise grinding of the required material. The double-ground surfaces of these machines ensure precise grinding as required. In addition, the gap between the 3m sanding discs is almost zero, which makes them a better grinder. However, it is important to check these specifications before investing in these machines and contacting the supplier of the duplex grinder.

3m sanding discs diameter: The 3m sanding discs diameter plays a crucial role in determining whether the machine can be precisely ground. When purchasing a feed mill, make sure that the 3m sanding discs in the machine is at least 350 mm in diameter.

Clearance between the 3m sanding discs: The diameter of the 3m sanding discs plays a decisive role, and the gap between the two opposing 3m sanding discs is also important. In general, the clearance should be a minimum of zero, and depending on the customer’s requirements, most duplex grinding machines can have a gap of between 1 mm and 40 mm.

Power requirements: Completely fed duplex grinders require power to work, so you must know that they are energy efficient. These mills typically require about 8.6 kilowatts of power.

Workpiece thickness and diameter: Another important component of a thorough feed grinding machine is the workpiece. Not only the quality, but also the thickness and diameter of the workpiece play a vital role in providing precision grinding.

Maximum error in parallelism: The maximum error in parallelism determines many factors in the grinding machine. The error in parallelism should be zero in order to get results more accurately as needed. However, the parallelism error of up to 0.005 mm is still tolerable.

Spindle adjustment: The hollow shaft around the spindle in the feed duplex grinding machine is the main shaft. Correct adjustment is important for the efficient operation of the machine. The spindle can be lowered to make it in contact with the workpiece. The spindle adjustment stroke should be equal to 50 mm each time. This is the correct adjustment.

These are some of the main specifications you can see when purchasing a complete duplex feeder from a trusted grinding wheel suppliers. Feel free to contact them and review these specifications before purchasing. Knowing these specifications will help you get the right machine at a cost-effective price. In addition, it will let you know that these machines will work well.

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