Best grinding wheel for concrete-How to manually grind concrete floors

Rough concrete surfaces become dirty and decompose faster than polishing. In addition, polished concrete looks more attractive from an aesthetic point of view. Polished concrete can be done by itself, which will greatly enhance its aesthetic quality and performance. After grinding by best grinding wheel for concrete, the floor can be placed on concrete or the surface remains open.

Preparation Phase
In order to achieve the desired results, surface preparation (milling) and grinding must be performed. The main task of grinding is to cut off the hills on the surface, remove the influx and open the hole. Also in this process, the upper layer is ground.

There are several ways to mill. In order to solve each task set, a special tool called best grinding wheel for concrete is used. Milling eliminates any surface defects. However, if there is a wave on the surface, a new concrete layer will be poured.

Milling is carried out by a milling machine equipped with a section of carbide material. After processing with this equipment, there are still deep grooves on the floor.

Grinding eliminates small surface irregularities. For these purposes, the grinder is used with a section on which diamond or corundum is applied. For further polishing, the so-called cement emulsion must be removed. Otherwise, the coating will prevent the coating from penetrating into the concrete.

Which cutting segment is selected according to the concrete brand. For M250 and below, corundum cutting parts are the best choice. For higher grade concrete, diamond cutting parts are recommended.

Milling and grinding are carried out on dry concrete. If the surface is wet, wet waste will clog the equipment and complicate the friction. This process will be greatly simplified if the machine is additionally connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner. After grinding, remove all dust from the surface.

Polishing the concrete surface by hand: steps
To carry out abrasive polishing wheel by hand, you must follow a certain sequence of operations:
First, the grinding is carried out in the presence of significant dimensional defects or paint residue.
On the surface, the frankincense is applied on the basis of epoxy resin to eliminate potholes, cracks and other similar defects. As a result, it is necessary to obtain a surface state in which the grinder will not adhere to irregularities and easily move along the surface.
Rough grinding was performed using a best grinding wheel for concrete. If there are no major defects, you can start from this stage and do not perform milling.
Eliminate all kinds of pollution, waste and dust from the floor.
The hardener is applied to the floor, which gives surface hardness and extra strength.
After the applied composition was hardened, it was ground with a disk having a particle size of 400.
The concrete was sanded with a 1500-3000 particle size best grinding wheel for concrete.

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