4 simple steps to use a concrete hand grinder

Concrete hand grinders are not only tools for professional builders. Those who are interested in building their own homes can easily master such equipment. The concrete hand grinder is needed to dress the concrete surface, or it may be necessary to roughen an area for dressing.

Regardless of the reason for using a concrete hand grinder, these four simple steps will allow you to smooth and grind immediately…

1. Understand the machine

There are many different types of grinding machines, from easy-to-use to mobile handhelds to large industrial sizes for large jobs. Regardless of which type you choose, the most important aspect must always be safety first. Be sure to wear the correct personal protective equipment such as goggles and work gloves. Before turning on the power, familiarize yourself with the control of the concrete hand grinder and visualize all moving parts. Read any instruction manual and check that it is suitable for wet or dry concrete – although both can use many grinders.

Finally, master the types of interchangeable pads that can be used. The harder the pad, the more concrete it will remove: the softer pad is used for areas that require a finer surface to achieve a finer surface. For a particular job, you may need to use more than one type of pad. If you are using a vacuum hose to collect dust, make sure it is connected before you start using it.

2. Prepare and start the concrete hand grinder

So it’s time to get started. But first, before pressing the start button, be sure to gently lift the disc from the concrete. This will ensure that they can get up quickly without scratching the surface. There are two cutting wheel settings, one for grinding and one for shipping, so be sure to switch to the grinding settings.

Turn it on, wait for the concrete grinding disc to reach a stable running speed, place the concrete hand grinder on the surface, and it’s time to start.

3. Get rid of your inner satisfaction

The key to smooth grinding is to move the machine to the left or right. This avoids the possibility of leaving vortex marks on the surface, whether you are wet or dry, the movement is the same. If it is wet, it must be sprayed with water mist before starting, but don’t take OTT, because after you finish, you will get too much debris and can’t be removed.

4. Complete and clean up

It is best to clean the concrete hand grinder immediately after completion. Unplug the power supply from the power source, use a hammer to gently knock off any dry concrete blocks attached to the machine, or use a concrete dissolver to remove dust from hard-to-reach areas. Finally, rinse the machine.

That’s it! Four simple steps allow you to become a professional immediately.

For most people, this tool does not need to be used regularly. Therefore, renting a high quality kit will be the best option. Perth’s concrete leasing companies have been providing concrete hand grinder rentals and almost every type of concrete equipment to meet customer needs for more than two decades. Hiring from such a reputable source also means you get a quick tutorial before you use it, so you can use it with confidence and confidence.

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