Abrasive discs with high efficiency and good shape retention

The binders for the norton abrasive discs are resin, metal, ceramic, electroplated and brazed. Resin binder norton abrasive discs are mainly used for grinding tools, grinding holes, cylindrical grinding and surface grinding; metal bond norton abrasive discs for cutting and grinding, grinding of optical curve grinding machines, edge grinding for single-edged grinding, small drill bits The spiral groove is also suitable for electrolytic grinding. The ceramic adhesive norton abrasive discs has high grinding efficiency, good shape, high durability, easy maintenance, long service life of the norton abrasive discs, and good chemical stability, heat resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance and resistance due to the ceramic adhesive itself. Corrosive. It is resistant to alkali corrosion, can adapt to a variety of grinding fluids, and has low grinding cost. Therefore, it has become the first choice for efficient and high-precision grinding.

The concentration of hard norton abrasive discs can not be chosen too low, high concentration will bring higher grinding ratio. The concentration of super hard norton abrasive discs is 200%. It is actually a kind of super hard abrasive as auxiliary material of ordinary norton sanding disc. It is generally not recommended to name it. At present, high-speed and high-efficiency grinding adopts high concentration, and the concentration of ceramic binder norton abrasive discs adopts higher concentration. The concentration of ceramic binder norton abrasive discs generally selects more than 125%. For example, the imported ceramic norton abrasive discs has a concentration of generally 175%~200%.

The hardness level of the norton abrasive discs indicates the amount of adhesive control force on the abrasive. Reasonable selection of the hardness uniformity and stability of the norton abrasive discs and the hardness level are important conditions for ensuring the quality of the norton abrasive discs. Foreign super-hard norton abrasive discs generally have a hardness rating of US dollars, but the super-hard norton abrasive discs produced in China are not standard hardness grades. GB6409 does not stipulate corresponding standards, so the quality is not easy to guarantee and brings to the users. Inconvenience, urgent need to supplement and improve.

The grinding speed of the superabrasive norton abrasive discs should be selected according to the type of norton abrasive discs, the grinding method and the specific conditions of cooling. The working speed of the progressive norton abrasive discs can significantly improve the grinding efficiency and grinding ratio (for example, the grinding speed of the norton abrasive discs is 40%, the grinding ratio can be doubled), and the grinding cost is reduced. The grinding speed of the metal and resin bond diamond norton abrasive discs is usually 15~35m / s, the grinding speed of the ceramic bond norton abrasive discs can be increased to 45~160m / s, and the grinding speed of the single layer norton abrasive discs can be selected from 125~250m / s. The line speed of 80~125m / s has become the mainstream of norton abrasive discs in the world. The grinding depth is generally 0.002 to 0.010 mm, the workpiece speed is usually 10 to 30 m / min, and the longitudinal feed speed is preferably 0.3 to 15 m / min.

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