Abrasive water jet cutting safety operation procedures

Various types of grinding wheels, as well as various shapes and sizes, each abrasive water jet cutting has a certain range of applications depending on the abrasive material of the abrasive water jet cutting, the adhesive material and the manufacturing process. If not selected properly, it will directly affect the processing accuracy, surface roughness and production efficiency. Therefore, when grinding, you must select the appropriate abrasive water jet cutting according to the specific situation. So how do you choose the right wheel? A summary of the commonly used abrasive water jet cutting grinding so that we can clearly choose the white abrasive water jet cutting.

1. Abrasive selection Abrasive selection depends mainly on the workpiece material and heat treatment method.

A. Grinding the tensile strength of high-strength materials and selecting the toughness of the abrasive.

B. A material with low hardness and high elongation, using a brittle abrasive.

C. The high hardness of the material, the choice of higher hardness abrasive.

D. Select an abrasive that is less susceptible to chemical reactions.

Hardness refers to the degree of wear of the abrasive water jet cutting under the action of external force. In order to meet the requirements of grinding and processing materials in different parts, abrasive water jet cutting of different hardness grades are manufactured.

The abrasive water jet cutting is too hard to choose, the abrasive is not easy to blunt, the abrasive water jet cutting is easy to block, the grinding heat is increased, the workpiece is easy to burn, the grinding efficiency is low, and the surface quality of the workpiece is affected; the abrasive water jet cutting is too soft, the abrasive is still sharp, the wear of the abrasive water jet cutting is increased, and the correct loss is easy. The geometry affects the accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, the choice of the hardness of the abrasive water jet cutting should be appropriate, and should also be considered according to the contact area of ​​the abrasive water jet cutting and the workpiece, the shape of the workpiece, grinding, cooling, abrasive water jet cutting binder and other factors.

Grinders are one of the most commonly used machinery in machinery plants. It is installed correctly and meets the safety requirements; if it is used incorrectly, it is in compliance with the safety procedures. These issues are directly related to the personal safety of each employee, so the actual use must cause us to pay enough attention.

Before locating the installation position of the grinding machine, we must first consider the installation process. Only by selecting a reasonable and suitable position can we carry out other work. Grinding machines are prohibited from being installed in the vicinity of equipment and operators or in places where there used to be people. In general, larger workshops should be equipped with dedicated wheel rooms. If it is not possible to set the topography of the factory within the limits or to install a special abrasive water jet cutting chamber in the special abrasive water jet cutting chamber, a protective baffle of not less than 1.8 m height should be installed at the front of the grinder, and the baffle should be secure. effective.

Balance problem Wheel imbalance is mainly caused by inaccurate wheel manufacturing and installation, so that the center of gravity of the wheel does not coincide with the axis of rotation. The main performance of the imbalance is two aspects. On the one hand, the abrasive water jet cutting causes vibration when rotating at high speed. On the one hand, it is easy to cause polygonal vibration of the workpiece surface. On the other hand, due to the high-speed rotation of the abrasive water jet cutting, vibration is generated, which easily causes the surface of the workpiece. Polygon vibration. On the other hand, the imbalance of the spindle vibration accelerates the wear of the bearing and even causes an accident. Therefore, it is required that the static balancer directly after installing the sandpaper of 200 mm or more on the chuck should be static balance, and the static balance should be repeated after the dressing of the abrasive water jet cutting or after the operation is restored or unbalanced.This is abrasive grinding wheels suppliers.

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