BINIC abrasive factory reopen in 2020

Binic Abrasive Factory reopens in 2020

BINIC Abrasive factory in Jangsu is reopened on 20th Feb

Shanghai: On 20th Feb, BINIC Abrasive factory is reopened

The local government make a very close inspection for all the anti-Virus equipmnt, they finally allow us to start production on 20th Feb .

abrasive factory

Now we have enough Mask, sterilization and temperature detector. So our people can work in a very safe enviroment. We are very lucky as most of our workers are local people and we are far away from emptic center.

Many orders are stacked and we will our best to send out the goods ASAP. The first step is to deliver 3 container in this weekend.

Robert Gong

BINIC Abrasive Co.,ltd

Tel: +86 13701864035 same

About BINIC Abrasive: BINIC is abrasive tools company based in Kunshan city, China. Founded in 2002, BINIC Abrasive has designed, produce and distribute per year over 30 million pcs cut off wheels and diamond tools to customer over the world. BINIC Abrasive is the first company in China that produced a 1mm thin wheel and export to Germany back to 2004.

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